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How to choose wall art for each room of your house

Do you know what welcoming homes have in common? Wall art! You might find it surprising, but if you take a closer look at multiple cozy homes, you’ll see that they feature decorative pieces on the walls that showcase the homeowner’s personality. 

Suppose you’re looking for a way to make your house more welcoming; styling it with a unique wall décor could work. However, the process of finding the ideal pieces is easier said than done. Before ordering artwork, you must answer several questions so you can figure out some essential aspects that impact the process. What room of the house do I want to decorate? How large do I want the artwork to be? How many decorative pieces do I want to purchase? What style do I prefer?

The list of questions can go on, but you’re probably looking for more on-point recommendations. Hence, we put together some tips on how to select wall art for each room of the house

Wall Art in Bedroom

Photo by Kam Idris on Unsplash

Living room

The living room often functions as a house’s social hub because it’s where you welcome guests and spend the most time with your family. You want the living room to feel homey, warm, welcoming, and to reflect your personal preferences. And you can easily obtain this through wall décor. 

Gallery walls are a popular choice for living rooms these days because they allow you to display several kinds of art pieces without making them look out of place. Gallery walls are usually eclectic pieces because they contain content from different mediums. You can use different frames to display photos that reflect your most treasured memories. You can also create wall art with a mixture of photos, watercolor paintings, and modern canvases. 

Another way to bring wall art into the living room is to hang a large statement piece above your couch. This wall is usually empty, and its single purpose is to capture the attention of anyone stepping into the room. 

Select wall art in a color that compliments the other pieces in the room. You can choose an element in the same shade as the pillows, blankets, or lampshades. 


If the living room is the social hub of the house, the bedroom functions like a sanctuary, so you should invest in an art selection that reflects your personal taste. Make your decorations meaningful by picking pieces that reflect your hobbies and lifestyle. You can purchase Made at Number 7 prints that inspire peacefulness and relaxation because you want your bedroom to make you feel calm and boost your inner tranquility. Most people find fights of nature calming, but you can pick something else. Stay away from pieces rich in hue and intricate elements because they can feel overwhelming. Natural shades and blues make the bedroom feel fresh and cozy, and you’ll feel more prone to take a deep breath and lay in bed.   

You can also decorate the bedroom walls with personalized elements like framed photos of your loved ones. These paintings take you back in the past and evoke memories, or other wall decorations that have a special meaning for you. Make sure to prioritize your preferences when you choose decorative elements for the bedroom because this space is solely yours. Your family should have a say in choosing living room decorations, but the bedroom is a private space where you should feel welcomed and comfortable. 

Another thing to keep in mind when choosing artwork for the bedroom is that you should adopt the less-is-more approach. Your bedroom will feel more inviting if it’s a place free of clutter, so instead of creating a gallery wall, pick a large piece. 


If in the past the kitchen had a purely functional purpose, nowadays it’s another social hub of modern homes, so it should include wall art. Prints of nature or abstract canvases are nice in the kitchen because they infuse the space with more personality. However, before purchasing decorations for the kitchen, it’s essential to keep some considerations in mind. 

Can you find kitchen decorations with practical purposes? It’s essential to keep the object’s functionality in mind when looking for artwork for the kitchen. You cook daily in this room, so you don’t want to hang any kind of glass element on the walls because it’ll get greasy immediately. 

The kitchen is the place where you can go off-limits with the type of wall art you pick. It’s a room that encourages creativity, so you should look for pieces that elevate its style and enhance its coziness. Look for art in vibrant colors to infuse the room with a sense of dynamism. You want to feel energized when spending time in the kitchen, and bright hues have the power to elevate the mood. 

Stick with small and medium-sized pieces because the kitchen is usually one of the most crowded rooms in the house. 

Home Office

If you’re working remotely or in a hybrid setting, you want to carefully choose artwork for your home office because it’ll impact your performance. This is the space where you want to focus and complete your task as effectively as possible, so the décor should serve your needs. We mentioned earlier that nature has the power to improve your attention levels and recharge your levels of happiness, so you could pick some artwork that takes your mind to nature to boost your productivity. Watching sights of nature will increase your creativity levels and induce a state of calm, which is necessary when you must go through stressful work periods. 

When choosing decorations for your home office, you also need to consider whether they’ll be seen during video meetings. In case they can be easily noticeable, you want to stick with wall art that includes natural elements and landscapes. In other areas of the room, you can place inspirational quotes, family photos, and anything else that reflects your style. 

Let your imagination run wild when picking artwork for your house. We hope the above recommendations helped you determine what kind of pieces you should get for each room. 


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