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Reach and Influence

You may have improved your SEO by trying to get links from as many domains as possible in the hope of maximising your overall rankings. However, you have not seen a difference. Instead, you need to build an audience for your content and show why you are a publisher of valuable content. Now is the time to focus on reach and influence, so that you can see the results this year.


Instead of trying to get many different domains to link to your content, you need to cut through and get the links that truly matter. Build relationships with relevant bloggers, influencers and people in the media so they can showcase your to their audiences. In turn, you need to support them as much as they support you.The engagement with them helps reinforce the quality and value of what you do online.


Really take the time to look at who your target audience is, and what they react too. If you do not do this, then you are effectively writing content for no one. Next, target the places where your audience goes on the internet. This is one of the most powerful ways to increase both your audience and loyalty. By creating useful content in the right places, this helps build a direct audience.


Many businesses view social media very tactically, by only publishing business messages and boring content. Create fun content that followers can get involved with, which they can share, and reach bigger audiences. Get people to connect with your business via social media, as this can help engagement.

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