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Modula Frameless Guarding
Frameless guarding system specifically for segregation purposes..

Modula guarding is cost-effective, light, and has good structural stability..

Crash tests have proven that the Modula guard fencing system can withstand an impact of 90KG weight, and this follows compliance with ISO 14120.

This product is a 40x40x4mm thick weld mesh safety fencing system which allows the user to position it 120mm away from any danger point..

This system is available in two post heights: 2028mm (1887mm Panel) and 2493mm (2343mm Panel)..

This system is designed specifically for FAST assembly.

The brackets for this system are unique to Accessafe - they allow 23 mm of movement so adjustable base plates are not required!

This product is intended to be used with standard 60�60 posts with welded base plates and so the 23mm float in the new bracket allows for uneven floors.

The standard access doors are suitable for use with this system.

For more information on Modula Frameless Guarding talk to Accessafe

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