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How to choose the right catering appliances for your commercial establishment

At Alliance Online, we excel in providing top-quality commercial kitchen appliances for any establishment. Our team of field-based experts is always available to help you select the best capital equipment for your needs. With over 25 years of experience in this sector, we've witnessed many changes and innovations, ensuring our recommendations are reliable and impartial, focusing solely on the most suitable appliances. In this article, we'll provide insights into how we can assist you in finding the right catering appliances, particularly for a bar or restaurant.


Considerations for Choosing Catering Appliances


When selecting catering appliances for your establishment, there are several crucial considerations to make before reaching a decision. These factors can significantly impact the success of your operations and must be carefully considered.


Firstly, we recommend prioritising the kitchen layout. A well-planned kitchen design can result in significant time and cost savings for your restaurant. An efficient layout ensures smooth and prompt service. Alliance has extensive experience in creating commercial kitchen designs for various industries, covering back-of-house facilities, front-of-house setups, and bar kitchens. Our projects range from basic upgrades to comprehensive turnkey solutions.


Another important factor is staff proficiency with high-tech appliances. Employees can undergo training to operate advanced kitchen appliances, similar to conventional models. However, additional time and evaluation may be required to ensure employees are adequately trained and competent in using these appliances. Enhancing your training programs is a worthwhile endeavour, and incorporating equipment manuals into staff training sessions can significantly boost efficiency.


Lastly, expert knowledge is crucial when planning catering appliances. Knowing which capital equipment and appliances are ideal for specific scenarios is something we pride ourselves on at Alliance Online. Our skilled team of Capital Equipment Specialists is available to provide on-site assistance in selecting the most suitable kitchen appliances that meet your requirements and spatial constraints. With our industry expertise, we can make informed recommendations on which catering appliances would be most ideal for your situation.


Which Brands and Models Would Alliance Recommend?


Our commitment to excellence is evident in our collaboration with renowned industry suppliers, ensuring our customers receive the finest products available on the market. This assurance allows you to shop for capital equipment with utmost confidence. Below are some recommendations from a selection of exceptional appliances available on our website:

  • Hamilton Beach Juicers & Blenders: Known worldwide for their ability to produce smooth and delectable blended beverages.
  • Sirman Pizza Ovens: Renowned for their immaculate pizza oven range, delivering consistent speed and efficiency.
  • Scotsman Ice Machines: Industry-leading brand known for fast-chilling action and slow dilution, enhancing the taste and appearance of drinks.
  • CiBO: Standout amongst counter-top ovens due to its easy-to-use touchscreen interface.


At Alliance Online, we understand that finding the best catering appliances for your establishment can be a daunting task. That's why we provide important insights into which brands and models should be considered. For more information, please feel free to call us on 01270 252333 or email us at

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