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Property Insurance Brokers
As a landlord whether you have one small flat or an extensive portfolio of properties it is vital to have adequate protection in place to safeguard your investment. When arranging insurance for your property you need an experienced broker who really understands your world. Amicus have a different approach to most other brokers, we focus our energies on commercial clients in certain sectors and as a result we know those sectors incredibly well. We have developed an extensive network of underwriters who provide the specialist policies for the areas we work in, we've got to know them and their risk appetite very well. This means we don't waste time approaching the wrong markets when placing cover, nor do we try to squeeze you into the nearest policy that fits. We will find you exactly the right policy for you and come back to you quickly with the information. Once you become a client you will be allocated a senior partner or director who will look after your requirements through the lifetime of your policy, this means that you will always have access to someone who understands your business and can make quick decisions with complete accountability. Should you need to make a claim our highly experienced, in-house claims team will work tirelessly on your behalf to achieve a fair and prompt settlement, keeping disruption to a minimum. Contact us today on 0208 669 0991 to discuss your requirements.

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