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Oak Sandblasting Cleaning Specialist In Essex
Oak Sandblasting Cleaning Specialist In EssexHere at Anglian Blasting Ltd, we sandblast all types of timber from existing beams in pubs, barns and houses to remove paint or varnish to restore timber back to its natural state.

We take pride in our ability to provide our customers with a high level of service continually.

We can clean large industrial timber frame buildings and Essex barn conversions by removing the limewash and paint from the frames and roof joists to either leave as a finish or prepare for woodworm treatment. This is a careful procedure, and we endeavour to complete this with minimal damage to the beams. We undertake new oak structures or extensions to remove black marks, water stains and tannin stains to give the beam a clean, uniformed finish or to enhance the grain to give an aged appearance.

For more on information, please visit our website alternatively call 0162 1257725 / 0203 3902184 / 07980 681421

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