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A Guide To Label Converting Equipment
A Guide To Label Converting Equipment If your business needs reliable label converting equipment that’s versatile and durable, the Opal label converter slitter rewinder machine is a sound choice. Known simply as the Opal, this is a quality narrow web slitting machine that’s a practical and contemporary solution for the adhesive label industry. It’s a popular choice among businesses due to its ease of use and simplicity in design whilst still providing all of the most important features for making high-quality labels. Here’s a rundown of the Opal in its entirety, including its various functions and features, plus information on the wealth of ways that this piece of equipment can be used. You can also find out about some of the specifics surrounding use. Read on to learn more. Functions of the Opal The Opal has many functions that make it an essential part of any business’s processes. Here are some of the main functions of the Opal, plus some useful information on each: High-speed full rotary die cutting Available at high speeds for maximum efficiency and product output, the Opal provides a full rotary die-cutting function that makes creating labels and other low-strength products easy. Cut out a range of shapes in both paper and film formats easily thanks to the full rotary facilities offered. Register control Control the Opal to a high degree of precision thanks to its intuitive register control function. This function allows for high-speed cutting customisation to a fine tuning, resulting in labels that meet your exact specifications. Control options include tension isolation via both out-feed and in-feed direct servo driven nip drive assemblies. Modular design The Opal has a versatile modular design that allows for the subdivision of various components from one complete system to other various Ashe die tools. It’s engineered to be suitable for standard Ashe die tools sizes, plus die tools that are currently running as part of existing equipment. Delam relam unit Create labelling products that separate the siliconate from the adhesive paper with ease thanks to The Opal’s delam relam unit. This essential function allows for the creation of labels that cleanly and easily peel away from the backing film without losing stick or shine. It does this by printing on the glue side and re-coupling. Features of the Opal The Opal boasts a range of useful features that make it an attractive and highly functional piece of machinery for many businesses. Here’s a summary of the stand-out features: • Easy tool loading and unloading due to horizontal and vertical die station designs • Options for edge trim removal • Automated knife slitting system (AKSS) • Colour HMI touch screen(s) • Inspection systems and missing label detection • Digital inkjet and flexography capabilities • Various settings for tension profiles • Coreless rewinding and various sizes for rewind core ID • Special servo rewind and servo strip assist for advanced matrix stripping • Multiple substrate web guiding systems • Inter-label cutting for exact roll batches every time Uses for the Opal One of the main appeals of the Opal is the many ways in which it can be applied. Here are just some of the multiple tasks that the Opal can be used for, and to what specifications: Pre-printed die cutting Pre-printed die-cutting refers to the process of using a sharp die to cut through paper in a selection of precise shapes. In this specific case, companies use die-cutting on pre-printed labels, finishing the process with a complete die-cut set of labels, posters or brochures en masse. Full lamination Lamination is an important part of preparing labels and badges for your organisation. This means that the final product appears cleaner and is more rugged as a result of going through the lamination process in the Opal’s system. The full nature of this process includes entirely delaminating the paper prior to re-lamination. Back scoring Scoring refers to the process of making a crease in the paper to make it fold easier, an essential part of the process when creating leaflets or brochures. The Opal’s back scoring system means that the print on the front is unaffected by the score, retaining a high standard of print after the scoring process is complete. In-line digital inkjet printing In-line digital inkjet printing is a process that optimises package printing. Creating packaging that’s consistent and looks professional as possible is fundamental. In-line digital inkjet printing is a repeatable and efficient process that prints the same information on each individual product in the same place, increasing the professionalism of your product’s presentation. Paper and filmic cutting The Opal is useful for cutting through a wide range of materials rather than focusing exclusively on cutting through paper. This increased degree of flexibility means that cutting through film and other laminated materials is a simpler process, leaving a clean cut and a neater product. Bespoke for your needs The Opal has a range of different options available for users, with additions supported on the purchase of the device. We know that every company has its own unique needs, so having a conversation with our team of experts means that you have the best possible opportunity to adjust The Opal to the specifications you require. Our support team provides a bespoke experience, which means that you’ll find the perfect balance and have all the features you need within your budget. In addition to the bespoke nature of the Opal, the product comes with a comprehensive level of support. Maintenance manuals are available after the purchase of every product, and in the event of a serious issue, you can call our support team for professional technical support. This means that you don’t need to worry about issues in the supply chain going forwards. Once you’re started, we keep you up and running with your Opal machinery. Choose the Opal For narrow-web label conversion, choose the Opal. It’s a flexible and reputable piece of equipment that streamlines die-cutting processes and makes label creation faster and simpler. If you’re a business owner looking for more effective printing solutions that present your company in the best light possible, the Opal is a must-have.

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