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The Best Film Slitting Machine

slitting machine cuts large rolls of materials into narrower rolls and is used regularly in the converting industry. We’ve put together an extensive guide to help you choose the best film-slitting machine for your next project by looking at the range of film-slitter rewinders available at ASHE Converting Equipment.

Jade Primary Film Slitter Rewinder

One of the ASHE Converting Equipment’s best sellers from their range of film slitting machines is the Jade Primary Film Slitter Rewinder.

How it works

This machine gives you a perfectly finished roll quality every time it is used and is designed to improve the quality of all films at high speeds. This primary film slitter rewinder is perfect for slitting and rewinding plastic films up to a width of 343”.


  • All electric operation – makes this machine a hygienic choice
  • A linear movement of the rewinding beams – this gives the perfect slit roll profile
  • Don’t need to change contact or lay-on roller position – this minimises downtime
  • State-of-the-art AC vector dives – can also be mounted locally on the machine
  • A range of automation
  • Driven contact roller system
  • Various slitting configurations available
  • Can handle all film substrates


Jade Secondary Film Slitter Rewinder

The Jade film slitter is also available in a secondary rewinder.

How it works

This machine takes the premise of the Jade primary film slitter rewinder and completely upgrades the concept. It’s complete with more extensive technology designed to make even more precise cuts in less time. It is completely flexible so it’s suitable for all film manufacturers with a variety of film types. Like its origin, it offers different styling configurations for slit and rewind.


  • All electric so no hydraulics are used
  • Easy to install as well as maintain
  • Different slitting systems available to suit most applications
  • Perfect tension isolation available with vacuum roller
  • Full remote diagnostics
  • Semi-automatic knife available
  • Unload the rolls onto a simple trolley to full convey systems is available


Sapphire S2T – Duplex Turret Slitter Rewinder

The Sapphire S2T is the ideal choice for the converter looking for efficient operations in the form of maximum productivity and minimum downtime.

How it works

The high-quality technology included in this machine makes the Duplex Turret Slitter Rewinder, one of luxury. Its extensive inclusion of automated equipment is designed to increase production rates. The operator even takes off finished rolls itself and puts new cores onto the rewind shaft to ensure a quick turnover between film slitting and rewinding.


  • Electric roll system that uses no hydraulics
  • Includes vacuum roller for tension isolation
  • Full automation available
  • Laser-aided positioning or digital readout systems available for maximum precision
  • Intuitive HMI including memory storage
  • Automatic cross-cut system
  • Extremely short turret cycle times – improves efficiency


Sapphire S2 – Duplex Slitter Rewinder

Prized for its versatility and speed it’s no surprise that the Sapphire S2 slitter rewinder is a world-renowned piece of machinery.

How it works

This duplex slitter rewinder is the flagship of the brand and is designed to process all flexible material substrates at high speeds and maximum precision. It uses the latest control technology to make the machinery as easy to operate as possible and provides a straightforward way of slitting and rewinding, either manual or automatic.


  • Includes splicing table on unwind for roll joining
  • All forms of slitting can be performed by this machine
  • Open loop or closed loop systems available for rewind tension control
  • Full remote diagnostics as well as data transferring possibilities
  • Vacuum roller perfect for creating tension isolation


Diamond – Duplex Slitter Rewinder

Based on the world-renowned Sapphire range, the Diamond Duplex Slitter Rewinder is your most cost-effective solution if both performance and a fixed budget are your main focus.

How it works

This machinery is a cantilevered twin-shafted slitter rewinder which has been designed to be a modular and cost-effective solution due to its priority to maximize product output. Its modular concept means it can be configured to meet your exact requirements.


  • Compact – perfect for smaller working paces
  • Cost-effective – for companies on a strict budget this is the perfect choice
  • Electric roll lifting system – doesn’t use hydraulics
  • Antistatic equipment
  • A range of trim systems available
  • A range of unloading systems available
  • Cantilevered rewind – easy unloading
  • Splicing table on unwind – easy to roll join


Onyx – Duplex Slitter Rewinder

This slitter and rewinder’s versatility makes it ideal for flexible packaging products giving you a beautifully finished product.

How it works

This film-slitting machine is equipped with all you need for all types of web-based materials. Its low cost and easy-to-use set-up make it ideal for beginners, those with limited space or a tighter budget.


  • Low in cost
  • Easy to use
  • Small footprint
  • Range of trim styles available
  • Intuitive HMI – includes memory storage
  • State-of-the-art AC digital flux vector drives

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