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A Comprehensive Plug Fan Range
A plug fan is a variant of a centrifugal fan that over many years, has become the industrial fan of choice for many efficiency conscious applications. Plug fans are characterised by lightweight, aerodynamically designed backward curved blades powered by EC motors and are geared towards maximum efficiency due to their design characteristics. Backward-curved motorised impellers develop pressure within the envelope of the impeller and do not, therefore, rely on a scroll housing for this purpose. They are relatively low cost and can be simply and cheaply housed. Air is drawn through a radius inlet ring, which minimises pressure losses and air leakage, and is discharged at 90° to the inlet axis. The impeller has a ‘non-overloading’ characteristic in that it draws maximum power near the centre of its pressure/volume flow curve. The impact of global shortages on electronic components significantly impacted supply in the UK and other international marketplaces, leaving the industry, especially air handling unit manufacturers, struggling to get hold of the product, even when approaching the situation strategically and sensibly by relying on a wider scope of contingency suppliers rather than one single supplier. As a smaller, independent business operating in the same marketplace as much larger businesses in the UK market, you may be mistaken into thinking that the product offer would equally be as small. With the support of international manufacturing units on our industrial fans, our extensive range of plug fan and motor combinations are enviable and highly competitive against the UK market leaders. In the height of the global shortage, we maintained our position as first choice for many reputable manufacturers, and the technical ability of our product also meant we surprised many new manufacturers by how well our product competes, with cost advantages, the support of technical and on competitive lead times. A Combined Comprehensive Plug Fan Range: Ecofit & Rosenberg We offer a comprehensive range of plug fans with an ever-growing EC motor offer to cover all applications and system requirements from 192 – 710 diameters. Over the past few years, the importance of developing and producing energy efficient and finished product has been a huge focus for all fan manufacturers. Our supplier partners Ecofit and Rosenberg, both owned by The Rosenberg Group continue to research, develop and launch product into the UK and Internationally based on consumer demand and the changing marketplace. Ecofit Backward Curved Centrifugal Fans The range of EC Motors from supplier partner Ecofit continues to grow in size, efficiency and features as we see the introduction of the New F5 EC motor in 2021 and new additions due in 2023. EC motors including the F5, G9 and V8, from Ecofit power a wide range of fans including forward curved and backward curved centrifugal fans. Learn more about the Ecofit motor development here. The below shows an example breakdown of the Ecofit range from 192 diameter with motor combinations F5, G9 and V8 to showcase the airflow and pressure performance. Rosenberg Plug Fans & EC Motors The larger end of the plug fan range covers diameters from 250. Whilst there is an option from both Ecofit and Rosenberg at the 250/280diameter point, we’ll always take into consideration lead times, operating duty, application requirements to offer the best product suited to your system requirements. Our plug fans are powered by Rosenberg’s EC motor which are available in multiple power ranges to suit a range of impeller diameters, and to achieve the best performance required by the market. You may have seen our latest plug fan innovations featuring the Gen3+ motor combination to achieve greater airflow using a smaller impeller when compared to previous models where a larger impeller was required to achieve the same airflow. In price conscious markets, a drop in the cost of multiple fan units can mean a large project win for our customers. B WheelThe B-Wheel: Aluminium The B-wheel is an aluminium 7 backward curved bladed impeller with outlet diffuser that converts dynamic pressure into static pressure increasing efficiency. The wheel is optimised for higher pressure applications. Available sizes: 250/280/315/355/400/450/500/560/630/710 The E-Wheel: Fibre Reinforced ABS – Plastic E-Wheel Modular ImpellerThe E-Wheel is a manufactured from a low weight, glass-fibre reinforced plastic and boasts 7 aerofoil blades to reduce the noise level, and a small outlet diffuser. The wheel is optimised for low to medium pressure applications. Learn more about the E-series range of plug fans here. Available sizes: 315/355/400/450/500/560 (192/220/250/280 = Ecofit-version) The I-Wheel: Aluminium I WheelThe I-Wheel is an aluminium 5 aerofoil bladed impeller with outlet diffuser. The aerofoil blades reduce noise, and the outlet diffuser increases efficiency. The special wheel geometry reduces noise significantly in comparison to the previous wheels while the improved geometry of the back plate allows for improved outflow. The wheel is optimised for applications requiring high airflow. Learn more about the latest launch in our plug fan collection here. Available sizes: 450/500/560/630 Fan Selection Software: RoVent RoVent 10 Selection SoftwareOur customers are invited to download the free fan selection software RoVent to compare plug fan performance and efficiencies. Visit Software – Rosenberg Ventilatoren GmbH ( and click download. Then contact us and we’ll send you a registration key to install the software. With the new selection software, an operating point specific fan selection can be made quickly and easily from over 2900 fan models. The software is kept up to date through regular automatic updates. The most significant innovations are: EasyFind: A simple introduction to our fan range. Find the right fan, step by step. DirectFind: Enables you to directly find the fan by typing in the article number or fan type Product Documents: Find all required documents for fans or accessories. Alternatively send us your operating points and other key information and we’ll complete a fan selection for you and suggest the possible choices.

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