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Axair Provide Fan Logic To Rotary Logic
Rotary logic Limited has more than 15 years experience in the manufacture of rotary hot foiling equipment and produce made to measure, bespoke equipment for a wide range of applications including scratch cards, security labelling, packaging and the tobacco industry. Earlier this year, Rotary logic approached Axair to provide a solution for their holographic film processing machines for a client in India. Holographic film is used in many applications including bank cheques, certificates and brand authentication. The manufactured machines handle very large scale printing jobs which operate at high speeds. the production consists of ensuring that the materials to be printed on are held in place consistently using a negative pressure generated by a integrated industrial fan, while a HMI (human machine interface) is used to programme different films, and can be present from 0-10v output to control the fan speed based on the product weight. This would give the same performance regardless of the number of slots used per machine. Initially Axair felt that the application warranted a product that was capable of delivering constant pressure. So the Ecofit EC centrifugal fan with built in constant pressure monitors would suit perfectly. Unfortunately, due to the size of the machines, we felt that an AC equivalent from the Rosenberg range, the EHND 315-2 2.2kW single inlet centrifugal fan with backward curved impeller, was a better product, even though it did not benefit from the constant pressure feature. Due to this change, Rotary Logic advised their customer to redesign the ductwork to reduce any pressure losses and all fans were fitted with inverter drives for control ability and efficiency. For more information on our range of backward curved centrifugal fans visit our products page or alternatively contact us on 01782 349 430.

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