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Centrifugal Blower Fans for Combustion Burning of Medical Waste
Centrifugal Blower Fans inside medical waste incinerators provide the right amount of oxygen to provoke rapid combustion at full capacity. Incinerators provide an environment with the perfect mixture of combustion air, gases, and vapours to ensure all dangerous medical waste is burned off. The combustion blower fan is key to providing the oxygen or airflow required for reaching very high temperatures and completing a full combustion cycle, leaving only the incombustible materials behind which are deposited at the bottom of the incinerator in the form of ash. A sufficient mix of fuel and air intake (oxygen) from the blower fan is vital for efficient combustion and to produce high temperatures throughout. Our range of forward curved centrifugal fans manufactured by Ecofit are suitable for a range of combustion applications where selection of the right industrial fan is based on the operating duty, airflow and pressure requirements. Our forward curved centrifugal fans have the role of blowing air into the burner and are used in many applications such as mobile incineration units. An incinerator operating efficiently at the max temperature will destroy any toxic compounds inside the incinerator so that they can’t be released into the atmosphere. This makes incineration the safest option for bio medical and hospital waste that potentially carry germs, infections, or chemical compounds hazardous to human health and the environment. This type of waste can be sent to disposal sites but is often destroyed on site in medical incinerators so it can be destroyed immediately, reducing risk to patients and staff. Incineration on site also reduces the handling of the waste and prevents cross contamination. High temperature medical incinerators have helped with the containment and destruction of infected waste during many worldwide disease outbreaks and remain a reliable technology in medical waste management when operating safely and in line with the correct with legislation. Inefficient combustion for medical waste is seen as a biohazard and a risk to the public and environment due to the high risk of toxic gases being released into atmosphere. Operators have a duty of care to ensure that guidelines are always followed, and machinery is well maintained and serviced. Incomplete combustion is often due to poor air flow resulting in a lack of flame and failure to reach high temperatures. As stated on Science Direct incomplete reactions amongst general waste generates products of incomplete combustion (PICs), such as dioxins, furans and carbon monoxide that are a health hazard. Medical waste poses a higher risk of a mix of toxic contaminants, so the design and fan specification of the medical incineration is crucial to a safe operation. It is imperative that incineration technology meets the standards required plus certain destruction efficiencies. Specifying the correct fan in a medical incineration system is key to successful combustion of the waste and will ensure emission standards are met.

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