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Computational Fluid Dynamics in Fan Development
Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) is an advanced tool constructed within computer-generated simulation software. CFD is commonly used to accurately predict the airflow performance of industrial fans. Industrial fan manufacturers, such as our supplier; Rosenberg, utilise the software to create a simulation design of a fan in the early design stages. The software is based on Navier-Stokes equations which uses a combination of mathematics and physics to determine the motion of fluids (including plasma, gases, and liquids). It enables precise calculations of flow rates, pressure and efficiency. The digitally simulated flow represents how pressure, velocity and temperature will perform within the fan. It provides a visual representation of airflow to give a clear understanding of the dynamics of the fan. Flow resistance, turbulence, heat transfer and noise are all measured and analysed during consideration of amendments to the design. It helps to identify problematic areas which can be solved in the design stage to avoid any issues arising during system installation. The structure and overall functionality of the fan is analysed thoroughly in CFD to identify key areas that can be optimised. The goal is to ensure the fan is running at its maximum performance whilst maintaining high efficiency. The fan must be designed to operate strictly within its range to promote a long service life. CFD Software is increasingly popular amongst HVAC manufacturers, enabling a much quicker design process with flexibility on various system dimensions. It is a cost-effective method, preventing an unnecessary number of physical prototypes being produced and disregarded through several stages of the design process. A physical prototype can incur damages if pushed beyond its full operating limitations and can quickly become a part of an expensive and time-consuming process.

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