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Corrosion Resistant Fans for Oxygen Rich Environments
Corrosion resistant fans are a necessary component for oxygen rich environments such as the aquaculture and fish farming industry. They are required to remove high concentrations of oxygen from the facilities which is accumulated during the oxygenation process. Fish Farming Industry During the oxygenation process a controlled level of dissolved oxygen is applied to the fish breeding water tanks for the purpose of protecting the fish from oxygen deficiency. This process promotes the health and wellbeing of the fish and ensures stable growth and successful yield, therefore increasing turnover and profitability, especially during periods of high demand. It is important that those working with oxygen are trained, following the correct guidance and fully understand the risks involved. Although oxygen is essential to life at 21% concentration, increased levels pose the risk of fire and explosion. Installing the correct fans into these systems is vital for maintaining a safe working area, clothing or hair can easily catch fire in oxygen rich environments, causing serious or even fatal burns. It is hard to detect increased levels of oxygen due to its colourless, odourless and tasteless properties. Oxygen supports combustion, accelerating the speed and heat of the flames. Almost all materials in its presence can ignite extremely easily and potentially burn with explosive violence. High concentrations of oxygen can be very reactive and an outbreak of fire can be extremely difficult to put out. Where necessary the toxic air can be filtered before it is released from the building to avoid unpleasant odours and pollution being released into the local environment. It is important to consider the ventilation of the whole facility due to the build-up of humid air. Certain fish farming processes also involve the use of salt so it’s likely that the atmosphere contains a highly corrosive, salty aerosol that needs to be removed. ATEX Polypropylene Fan Extra safety measures need to be considered for general cleaning maintenance of breeding tanks due to the risk of the excess oxygen being released as the water is drained from the tanks pre-clean. Polypropylene fans can be integrated into the tank system to exhaust the oxygen particles directly from the emptied tank and straight out to atmosphere. Our range of centrifugal polypropylene fans are best suited to this type of application due to their anti-corrosion ability to withstand such corrosive environments. They have the ability to effectively remove the excess oxygen from these facilities without rust or damage to the fan from salty or humid environments, whilst maintaining efficiency and contributing towards optimal production levels. The lightweight polypropylene material also allows for easy installation and is a more cost-effective option. For more information on our corrosion resistant fans, speak to one of our technical specialists on 01782 349 430 or download our brochure below.

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