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EC Fanwall Q&A for Engineers
Continuous and consistent airflow is essential in most facilities, making under-performing or unreliable fans simply unacceptable. In addition to reliability concerns, inefficient fans can be a buildings biggest energy consumer. Learn more about Axair’s EC FanGrid solution below. What is an ECFanGrid? An ECFanGrid is a simple, complete kit of parts for new or existing AHU ventilation units. Quite simply it is a multiple fan array in which fans run in parallel. This offers great advantages over old belt driven systems. What is Included in an ECFanGrid Kit? The ECFanGrid is delivered as a complete kit of parts, this includes all mechanical parts such as fans, cabinet, grid and screws. Whether you choose to install yourselves, have external contractors or utilise our ECFanGrid install team, your installation will be fast and effective with very little downtime. What Type of Fan is Used in an ECFanGrid? Energy efficient EC plug fans are chosen to meet the requirements of each ventilation system. We’ll advise on the type of plug fan best suited dependent on your project aims and system duties. What are the Benefits of Running Fans in Multiple? In short, by running fans in parallel, the benefits are improved reliability, flexibility, and efficiency. How are the Right EC Plug Fans Selected for Each EC Fangrid Project? We’ll complete a detailed site survey that enables us to calculate the current plant efficiency, determines spacing, accessibility and other feasibility checks. We’ll use our technologically advanced fan selection software to assist us in choosing the right plug fan type. The software offers multiple ECFanGrid solutions that can be optimised for cost, efficiency, or redundancy. We’ll use this data along with our own expertise to choose the right configuration for your project. What is the Return-on-Investment Period If We Install an EC Fangrid? From the data we obtained during site surveys or those that you’ve given to us, we’ll calculate the payback period to allow you to make an informed decision about your project. On average the typical ROI period of a retrofit FanGrid project is 2-5 years. How Do You Calculate the Payback Period? To accurately calculate the payback period of an ECFanGrid, it’s a simple case of comparing the absorbed power for the existing system against the absorbed power for the ECFanGrid. To do this, a validation survey is undertaken, and the volume flow rate and total static pressure of the existing fan is measured. The absorbed power of the fan system is simultaneously recorded. This data is then compared to the absorbed power figures of the ECFanGrid. Scan the QR code to see a payback calculation with graphic explanations. Do You Have Any Supporting Software? Our comprehensive and user friendly RoVent software provides complete data and performance metrics across our extensive EC plug fan range. Any of our customers can download a copy of the software for free. How Quickly Can an ECFanGrid Project be Installed? Upon delivery, a typical system can be installed in 3-5 days. Our inhouse team of installers can work with you to get all aspects of work done, from removal of the old system, cleaning and hygiene services, energy surveys and cranes project management if required. Do You Have Any Case Studies? We’ve worked on a whole host of interesting projects, and we’ve documented a few to show what can be achieved when upgrading old belt drive systems with our ECFanGrid solution.

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