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5 Reasons to Buy a Sato CL4NX Label Printer
The Sato CL4NX label printer is Sato’s first truly universal label printer that has been designed to deal with the most demanding printing needs. This particular Sato printer is pre-loaded with a plethora of settings and features that have been implemented to make sure that the operation of the CL4NX is as smooth as possible. Not only do you get all these features as standard but the CL4NX label printer also allows you to add your own additional features, so you can ensure your Sato label printer is ready for absolutely anything you throw at it. Now, we’ve mentioned that the Sato CL4NX can offer a lot of features but you’re probably wondering exactly what they are? To assist you, we’ve broken it down into 5 different features and how they can help you. 1. User-Friendly Built-in to the front of the label printer is a 3.5” Full colour LCD screen that displays clear and crisp imagery. Providing high quality operating and real time messages, videos are also played on the large screen, to help guide you through label loading and other functionalities. Situated just above the LCD screen is an LED indicator which provides you with the status of the printer and any alerts, (should there be any). If the indicator is blue then the printer is working as normal and ready to use. However, if the LED indicator is red, it infers that there is problem with operation which will need to be solved before the printer can be used again. The Sato CL4NX features a new menu design which utilises an icon system, (already being used in other popular consumer devices in the market), making the navigation through printer settings, applications and system information easier than ever. 2. Durable Design of the Sato CL4NX Label Printer For a label printer, the Sato CL4NX has one of the best build qualities you’ll find, with a tough metal housing that can protect itself from external damage in the toughest of environments. Inside the CL4NX you’ll find that key parts such as the chassis, ribbon spindles and print unit are all moulded from die-cast aluminium. This particular choice of metal allows the parts inside of the label printer to withstand some of the most challenging environments whilst operating at maximum capacity. Key components of the Sato label printer have been designed to the top of their spec’. The ribbon rewinder has an oversized core which provides stable rotating torque, reducing the chance of wrinkles, whilst in use, from up to a 600M long roll. The printhead and platen roller have also been engineered for maximum performance and a double life-span, prolonging intervals between maintenance and reducing operating costs. Easy-use is a factor that has been integral to the design of the CL4NX label printer, which is why the replaceable parts have been designed so that you don’t need any tools at all. This allows you to quickly and easily replace parts that are old or damaged. 3. Set-up & Maintenance In the interest of ease of use, the set-up and maintenance has been simplified so that it’s not overly time consuming or difficult to complete. The extra wide printhead opens at a 60° angle, allowing easy access for media loading, cleaning and faster maintenance, resulting in reduced downtime. The straight-forward set-up is further simplified with a simple label setting and a synchronised label guide, to help you get moving quickly. The CL4NX also uses a label damper system to reduce set time and provide consistent tension, helping avoid label jams and, subsequently, improve overall print quality. If you’re finding the set-up and configuration a little difficult, there are pre-downloaded videos to help walk you through it. The videos are displayed on the 3.5" LCD and will guide you through a variety of situations from media loading to cleaning the printhead. 4. High Speed Processing Label Printer The Sato CL4NX label printer is renowned for printing at incredibly high speed. Even at the maximum print speed of 10 ips at 203 dpi, the CL4NX still ensures you get the best print quality. The high speed response ensures you won’t be waiting around as the dual CPU architecture offers ground-breaking processing speeds, resulting in the fastest first-label out regardless of data format or print resolution. The CL4NX’s spec’ continues to impress, with an industry-leading throughput, providing a stunning 128MB of user area! This allows more than enough space for format registration, storage of large graphics, custom True Type Fonts and other downloads. 5. Superior Print Accuracy & Quality The print accuracy of the CL4NX label printer is spectacular (– +/- 1mm print registration), thanks to the print positioning being accurately-controlled for small label applications, providing high quality results. The label tension damper system allows stable feeding to printhead, even whilst operating at maximum speed, meaning you can achieve outstanding print quality without compromising on speed. The high quality of print is ensured by the high-energy mode that the printhead offers, covering a wide range of media materials - meaning you’ve always got plenty of options. The Sato CL4NX Label Printer The CL4NX label printer represents SATO’s next generation of thermal printers. As you can see, it has a near endless list of exceptional features that will revolutionise your label-printing endeavors. If you’re interested in pursuing the next generation of printing technology, do not hesitate to contact us, especially if you wish to enquire or discuss the product further. Alternatively, if you’d prefer to speak to someone directly, you can call us on: 01482 650596.

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