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M3 Black Rugged PDA
Introducing the latest addition to M3’s ever growing range of mobile computers, the M3 BLACK. This new product is incredibly versatile and even has an IP67 rating, making it suitable for use in even the harshest of environments. However, it has a sleek, slim line design and lightweight body making it the most stylish and versatile in the M3 range. The M3 BLACK Rugged PDA is designed with the user in mind and boasts an impressive range of standard features. The mobile computer has a windows handheld operating system embedded into it for ease of access. Other features include 1GHz CPU - Powerful CPU speed with "High-Tier" which guarantees faster graphic process and memory access. 1D, 2D Scanner - The M3’s superior scanner and imager application provides real-time data capture and automatic data processing so that you can expect flexibility of work and cost efficiency. 5.0MP AF Camera - High resolution and auto focused functionality capture clear images of products and documentation. Battery (Li-Polymer 3.7V 3,400mAh / 5,100mAh) - M3 BLACK battery provides accurate remaining battery capacity so that the user can efficiently plan the usage of the PDA. Also, its large capacity is suitable for long time shifts. Scan button - Small bumps on the scan buttons of front and side, enables users to recognize and scan without a glance which reduces actual amount of time and increases efficiency. Slim & Light - M3 BLACK is a slim and light but rugged PDA with optional RFID reader. It can be used for ticketing and/or asset management wherever the mobile device is needed. Endurance for temperature - M3 BLACK can be operated within -20 degrees to 60 degrees and its storage temperature is -30 degrees to 80 degrees. This will guarantee the normal functionality at any temperature of working environment. IP 65 Sealing, 2.0m Drop - M3 BLACK is suitable to use in a tough environment and withstands drops from 2.0m. The mobile computer has also been designed to protect against dust and water. User-centred design - The user-centred design is combined with great performance to deliver even in the most harsh and hostile work environments. Solutions - Terminal Emulation: Wavelink, Softogo, Naurtech Mobile Management: SAP, Wavelink, Soti For more information about the M3 Black and whether it is the right mobile computer for you, call our team on 01482 650596.

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