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The printhead is an essential printer component that creates the image to be printed. Damaged printheads negatively affect print quality and prevent the printer from functioning correctly. Barcode Solutions stock a wide range of printheads supplying brands such as Datamax, CAB, Intermec, Markem, SATO, Valentin and Zebra. Datamax by Honeywell – Our selection of Datamax printheads deliver an unrivalled performance and provide a quality you would expect of Datamax. Our stock includes H Class (H8308X) 300PI Printhead, E Class - 203dpi Printhead, I Class (i4212e)- 203dpi Printhead, plus many more. View our full stock list here. CAB Printheads – The CAB printhead is robust in its form, our stock selection includes the Calypso 300, A2 Gemini, Typ 4203 G, A8, Typ 8300, new type. To view our full selection please visit our CAB Printhead page. Intermec by Honeywell Printhead - Improve the quality of your printing with a Honeywell (Intermec) branded replacement printhead. Plus, you benefit from the quality and performance you can expect from a Honeywell (Intermec) branded printhead. Stock includes PD41/PD42 203dpi Printhead, Honeywell printhead PC23d, 8 dots/mm (203dpi), PM43 Printhead, 406dpi - PM43, view full stock here. Markem Printheads – We stock a variety of Markem printheads, including Cimjet 104mm 203dpi, Smartdate 2/3 107mm 300dpi, Smartdate 2/3/5 53mm 300dpi, view all of our stock here. SATO Printhead – The quality and performance provided by the Sato brand printed is impressive. Why not view our current stock online here, our selection includes CL412NX Printhead - 305dpi, TH2 Printhead - 203dpi and CL608e & CL608 Printhead - 203dpi. Valentin Printheads – Our stock for Valentine includes Desco II, (for Thermo), DPM I, Compa 162 / 12, you view our stock lists here. Zebra Printheads – We stock over 50 variations of Zebra Printheads, if you have a specific requirement our team are on hand to help you choose the right one for your Zebra printer. To view our Zebra printhead stock visit our printheads page. Ends.

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