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Why Buy A Zebra MC9200 Mobile Computer?
The Zebra MC9200 mobile computer is providing the next step in significantly boosting warehouse productivity. Used by over three million workers each day to help improve the management of inventories in retail stores, warehouses and factories. The list of capabilities the Zebra MC9200 mobile computer offers are endless, ensuring that no matter what situation you choose to use the MC9200, you can rest assured it will deliver in the most demanding environments. The is the second generation of the MC9000 series meaning that all of the great features the first model offered have been improved and added to, creating a mobile computer that is truly cutting edge. Upgrading your MC9200 Zebra mobile computer has been made as cost effective as possible, allowing you to use accessories from your existing MC9000 mobile computer with this MC9200. Zebra MC9200 Hardware The durable, shock-resistant housing renders the MC9200 completely immune to wear and tear, providing guaranteed long-lasting use. The one-piece gun handle has also been built in to the housing, which makes it vastly superior to snap-on handles when it comes to durability. The corrosion-proof battery is designed with a connecter attached, rather than using the traditional pin-style connectors as part of the device, meaning you get a new connector every time you change the battery. Don’t worry about the environment affecting the Zebra MC9200 either, the device is capable of withstanding temperatures as low as -20°C and as high as 50°C. Due to the IP64 sealing rating and the internal desiccant pack, condensation is unable to form on the inside of the device, perfect for use inside refrigerators. Not only does the Zebra MC9200 have a tried and tested, rugged design like its predecessor, it has a plethora of features offering practical solutions to your problems. Zebra MC9200 Features The most prominent feature, of course, is the durable touchscreen design, crafted with polycarbonate thermoplastic. The Zebra MC9200’s screen has been specifically built to last, with an improved ‘hardness’ rating of 4H, instead of the standard 3H, and a specially designed air gap between the touchscreen and the display, to offer further protection. One of the most critical features of the Zebra MC9200 is the Barcode Scanner which has been built using Gorilla glass that is both scratch and shatter proof. Ensuring that sufficient measures have been taken to protect the Zebra MC9200’s features is a extremely high priority and are ultimately tested rigorously through the industries toughest ‘drop test’. Durability The drop test is a matter of extreme durability and the Zebra MC9200 has passed with flying colours - still operating reliably after 2,000 tumbles, which is the equivalent to 4,000 3.28ft hits, earning the Zebra MC9200 the highest rating in this class. Specification Running on a powerful dual-core 1GHz OMAP 4 processor, the Zebra MC9200 also has 1GB RAM and 2BG flash memory, which can be increased to 32GB by using SD memory card slot. This solid spec allows the MC9200 to run virtually any application without issue and will guarantee fluid use throughout its entire lifespan. Security The Zebra MC9200 brings government-grade security to the helm, providing the equivalent of wired-line security for all data stored on the MC9200. You can even further improve the MC9200’s security, to protect your sensitive data, by downloading additional software from the Zebra mobile security site. The additional downloads include software such as: improved firewalls, intrusion prevention and even enforced authentication. Another cutting edge security feature installed is the remote lock, which can lock or wipe a lost Zebra MC9200 device remotely, by the press of a button, using remote device management solutions. Communications Workers can stay connected with incredible ease, thanks to the pre-installed push-to-talk voice communications feature. The Zebra MC9200 can make ‘PTT’ calls to other devices, using the radio link server, which can even allow for two-way conversations with radio users despite being on a different network. The capabilities this feature provides are endless, allowing entire teams to communicate and resolve issues on the spot. Why choose the Zebra MC9200 Mobile Computer? As you can see, the Zebra MC9200’s extensive list of fantastic features and exceptional build-quality make it a market leader in terms of value for money, in turn providing the perfect ‘factory floor’ work tool. If you’d like to know more about the Zebra MC9200 Mobile Computer, you can visit our product page or enquire directly for more details. Alternatively, if you’re interested in the different brands we stock, take a look at our other Mobile Computers.

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