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O- and E- Band Interleavers
Optoplex’s Optical Interleaver products are based on our patented Step-Phase Interferometer design. Used as a Demux (or Mux) device, an optical interleaver separates (or combines) the Even and Odd channel signals (see the schematic diagram below). Each optical interleaver device is optimised to cover either C-, L-, O-, or E-band wavelengths, with the option of covering C+L band. The current optical interleaver product family supports 100-200, 50-100, 25-50 GHz channel spacing, as well as other custom channel spacings. The Demux and Mux interleavers can be effectively co-packaged into a single box for easy handling and cost-saving. Dual-stage optical interleavers (such as 25-100 GHz) and asymmetric interleavers (Even and Odd channels have different passband widths) are also available.Features
  • Wide and flat passband
  • Minimal PDL
  • High channel isolation
  • Minimal thermal drift
  • Low and customisable dispersion
  • Low insertion loss & IL uniformity
  • Dual C- and L-band coverage
  • Demux/Mux copackaged solution available
  • Asymmetric/uneven optical interleaver available
  • Telcordia GR-1221/63 qualified
  • Extend existing network capacity
  • Bridge existing & new DWDM platforms
  • System upgrade
  • Bi-directional networks
  • Total signal power detection for Raman amplifier
  • Multi-wavelength transponder
  • Flat-top comb filter

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