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Unbeatable Deals on Garden Chairs for Summer

As summer approaches, creating the perfect outdoor oasis becomes a top priority. For those looking to furnish their homes, cafes, restaurants, hotels, or exhibition venues, BE Furniture Sales offers an exceptional selection of garden chairs that blend style, functionality, and affordability. From sleek Tejo plastic stacking chairs to elegant clear acrylic Umbria chairs, our collection of garden chairs caters to every need and aesthetic.

Garden Chairs at Unbeatable Prices

Tejo Plastic Stacking Chairs

The Tejo Plastic Stacking Chairs are a superb choice for heavy commercial use and home gardens. Available in black and charcoal grey, these chairs are stylish and incredibly functional. They are weatherproof, easy to maintain, and stackable, making them ideal for versatile indoor and outdoor settings.


Tejo Chair Dimensions:

Seat Height: 430 mm
Back Height: 720 mm
Chair Width: 540 mm

Standard Aluminium Stacking Chair

Our aluminium stacking chairs are top-sellers known for their resilience against corrosion and wear. These chairs are lightweight yet sturdy, perfect for accommodating many guests. They are suitable for various settings, including cafes and outdoor events, and are available in bistro sets.


Aluminium Chair Dimensions:

Seat Height: 430 mm
Back Height: 720 mm
Chair Width: 510 mm

Red Designer Web Chairs

Crafted from polypropylene and reinforced with glass fibre, the Red Designer Web Chairs are solid and stylish. These chairs are ideal for food halls, trade shows, and garden settings. Their lightweight, stackable design makes them both practical and environmentally friendly.


Red Designer Web Chair Dimensions:

Seat Height: 460 mm
Back Height: 800 mm
Chair Width: 420 mm
Chair Depth: 530 mm

Black Plastic Stacking Chairs

The Black Plastic Stacking Chairs are designed for both commercial and home use. These chairs are easy to clean and maintain and perfect for various indoor and outdoor settings, including cafes and trade shows. They are a practical choice for modern and affordable seating solutions.


Black Plastic Stacking Chair Dimensions:

Seat Height: 440 mm
Back Height: 830 mm
Chair Width: 450 mm
Chair Depth: 510 mm

Rattan Aluminium Chairs

The Rattan Aluminium Chairs, built from aluminium with a plastic rattan seat, are known for their longevity and resistance to wear. These chairs are suitable for various venues and can be combined with aluminium tables for a complete look.


Rattan Chair Dimensions:

Seat Height: 420 mm
Back Height: 730 mm
Chair Width: 540 mm

Plastic Stacking Chairs

Available in green and red, these stacking chairs are perfect for year-round use. They are UV-resistant, robust, and ideal for heavy commercial use. These eco-friendly chairs are a great addition to any outdoor setting, offering comfort and style.


Plastic Stacking Chair Dimensions:

Seat Height: 440 mm
Back Height: 790 mm
Chair Width: 470 mm
Chair Depth: 570 mm

Clear Acrylic Umbria Chairs

The Clear Acrylic Umbria Chairs are a modern choice that blends seamlessly into any décor. These chairs are made from high-quality resin, making them durable and suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Their lightweight, stackable design offers versatility and ease of storage.


Clear Umbria Chair Dimensions:

Seat Height: 450 mm
Back Height: 790 mm
Chair Width: 590 mm

Black Steel Garden Chairs

These black steel garden chairs are perfect for those seeking a durable, cost-effective option. Ideal for various settings, these chairs come ready to use and are available in complete bistro sets. Their stackable design makes them a practical choice for any event.


Black Steel Garden Chair Dimensions:

Seat Height: 430 mm
Back Height: 720 mm
Chair Width: 540 mm

BE Furniture Sales offers unbeatable deals on garden chairs catering to various tastes and requirements. Whether you’re looking for something contemporary, traditional, or uniquely stylish, our range has something to suit every outdoor space this summer. With durable, weatherproof, and aesthetically pleasing options, we ensure that your outdoor seating is nothing short of perfect.

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