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Powrmatic Vision Maxi 3.6/DW

Product Code: VIS-MAX

Powrmatic Vision Maxi 3.6/DW

For larger spaces and bigger kW output requirements, The new Vision Maxi ticks all the boxes. 

Still the same size as the standard units, the Maxi delivers a huge 3.6kW of cooling capacity with R32 Gas. 

The Maxi requires 202mm external duct holes compared to the 162mm holes on the standard units.



  • 3.6kW Cooling Capacity
  • R32 Gas
  • Superslim Design
  • No External Condenser Required
  • WiFi Control / Touch Screen / Remote Control
  • Energy Efficient
  • Simply & Easy Installation


Taking It To The Max With R32
The Vision Maxi packs an impressive 3.6kW of cooling capacity capability of effectively cooling areas of up to 30m². 
This is the first Vision unit to use R32, the next-generation refrigerant that efficiently carries heat and has a lower environmental impact.

WiFi Enabled Control
The easy to use app displays current temperature settings and allows the user to change temperature, fan speed, and air flow direction from anywhere at the touch of a button. 
In applications such as hotel buildings, the reception desk can activate, control, and deactivate each unit in every room depending on the occupancy. 
They can warm-up or cool down the room before hotel guests arrive, and ensure the units are switched off when the room is unoccupied saving valuable energy consumption.

No Outdoor Condenser Required
Conventional air conditioning systems will require an unsightly external condenser with visual cabling and pipework. 
The in-built condenser allows for minimal exterior disruptive appearance with further reduced re-decoration costs both internally and externally.

Flexible Controls At Your Fingertips
The unit can be controlled 4 different ways depending on your requirements. 
Besides the newly enlarged remote control, the on-board control allows the user to set any possible function, including a “lock” position to avoid un-proper use and weekly scheduling. 
The mobile APP allows the management of the unit from remote positions through WIFI such as a hotel reception desk controlling multiple units from one location.

If you're based within a 50 mile radius of ME postcde area and are in need of an engineer to carry out the installation of this unit, please get in touch. We have a great network of engineers available

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