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Trotec PAC3500SH Portable Air Con Heatpump

Product Code: TRO-PAC3500SH

Trotec PAC3500SH Portable Air Con Heatpump


Sometimes it is too warm, sometimes unpleasantly cold - in the course of a year it is often necessary that the room temperature must be lowered or raised with fan, air conditioner, electric heater or oil-filled radiator. Would not it be practical if you could cool and heat with just one device? The air conditioning unit PAC 3500 SH, which can be used all year round, ensures not only effective cooling but also provides you with a reliably warming heating function. This way you can enjoy constant well-being temperatures in all weather in the individually adjustable range of 17° C to 30° C. With its high-quality design, the elegant white air conditioner stylishly fits into any living environment - both at home or in the office and also in the restaurant, in the shop, in the hotel or in the apartment.

Easily usable for the whole year – with energy-saving automatic mode

In the hot summer months this air conditioner cools down heated living, sleeping or office rooms up to 46 m² / 115 m³ with a strong cooling capacity of 3.5 kW / 12,000 Btu / h (energy efficiency class A) to the individually preset target temperature. The cooling compressor switches off after reaching the target value energy saving and only then again when another cooling session is necessary. On colder days the PAC 3500 SH air conditioner with its 2.9 kW heating power (energy efficiency class A +) provides quick, soothing heat. In practical automatic mode the device controls both the cooling, the heating mode and the ventilation depending on the ambient temperature and the set target temperature. This saves electricity since the device only provides as much power as is necessary to achieve or maintain the desired temperature and then pauses. With the swing function switched on the air outlet opens and closes continuously, distributing the blown cold or warm air evenly throughout the room.

Dehumidification included – for an optimal room climate

The dehumidification function removes up to 0,05 liters of excess moisture per hour from indoor air. This helps directly against oppressive humidity and in the long term can even prevent unhealthy mold growth in the room. The easy to clean air filter also liberate the room air from lint, dust and animal hair. And if you are in the mood for a refreshing breeze, the 3-stage ventilation mode provides energy-saving instant cooling on the skin without even the cooling compressor being switched on. With this variety of functions, the all-rounder PAC 3500 SH is recommended as a year-round solution for creating an optimal living space climate. By the way: to meet the latest climate protection requirements this device uses environmentally friendly coolant R290.


The comfort features of the air conditioner PAC 3500 SH also impresses all along the line. All functions and parameters can be set directly on the intuitive membrane keyboard control panel of the device or conveniently from your place by remote control.

Follow-Me Function – intelligent temperature control via remote control

The integrated thermostat normally measures the current room temperature at the location of the air conditioner and displays it on the LED display. However, there is also the possibility that the remote will measure the temperature exactly where it is. The air conditioner automatically receives the current temperature value from the remote control every 3 minutes with active \"follow-me-function\" and adjusts accordingly depending on the selected cooling or heating function. If you for instance change the remote from a place in the shade to a place on the sunny window, the air conditioner will increase the cooling capacity to compensate for the warmer temperatures.

Pre-planning well-being temperature – with 24h timer

Program your feel-good climate at any time of the day or night. With the 24-hour timer you can adapt the air conditioner PAC 3500 SH to your individual daily routine. For example, start the day in the relaxed state with the preset target temperature in the day, the air conditioner PAC 3500 SH controls the cooling or heating of the room automatically by automatic mode. Or banish the pent-up heat of the day punctually to the well-deserved end of work from the living room or bedroom. The shutdown of the device can of course be planned to make sure that you do not forget to switch off the device let\'s say in the office after work. For flexible use in different rooms, the compact air conditioning unit is equipped with smooth running wheels and recessed grips. The integrated memory function ensures that the set operating mode remains stored even after switching off.

The night mode – for comfortable temperature in bedroom

The air conditioning unit PAC 3500 SH has a comfortable night mode. For a comfortable fall asleep, the preset target temperature is gradually decreased by 2 ° C within 1.5 hours, then kept constant for 7 hours and then returned to the original target value after that time. So you wake up in the morning well rested in a pleasant temperature room. For your unobstructed sleep, the noise of the device, depending on the setting, with max. 54.5 dB (A) at a distance of one meter as pleasingly quiet. The LEDs on the display can also be switched off.

Whether too hot or too cold, with the 4-in-1 air conditioner PAC 3500 SH you remain flexible throughout the year!

Propane (R290) as environmentally friendly coolant in air conditioning systems

Synthetic coolants release several million tonnes of environmentally harmful CO2 emissions (greenhouse gases) into the air every year. Therefore the use of alternative coolants is one of our main goals. With the use of propane (R290) as a coolant, this air conditioner makes a valuable contribution to climate protection.

The natural coolant propane (R290) is an organic compound and belongs to the hydrocarbons. In contrast to synthetic coolants, environmentally friendly propane (R290) has neither ozone depletion potential (ODP = 0) nor a significant greenhouse effect (GWP = 3).

The optimum storage can be found in the operating instructions.

\'Additional environmental benefits: Due to its excellent thermodynamic properties, propane (R290) is a particularly energy-efficient coolant and thus additionally reduces your energy costs.


  • 4-in-1 air conditioner: cooling, heating, ventilation, dehumidifier
  • Suitable for rooms up to 46 m² / 115 m³
  • Cooling capacity up to 3,5 kW (Energy efficient class A)
  • Heating capacity up to 2,9 kW (Energy efficient class A+)
  • 3 fan stages
  • 24h timer function
  • Handy LED display
  • Room temperature display
  • Easy-care membrane keypad
  • Swing function
  • IR remote control with integrated temperature measurement
  • Automatic mode
  • Removable air filter
  • Air purifier function (animal hair, lint, dust)
  • Night mode
  • Quiet operation ≤ 54,5 dB(A)
  • Environmentally friendly coolant R290

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