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5 Garden Uses for Timber Railway Sleepers

Customising your garden just how you want is every green fingered, homeowner’s dream, and the beauty of a garden is – each one is totally unique. One of the best ways to make your garden your own is to use timber sleepers for garden furniture, walkways, steps, vegetable plots and more. Timber railway sleepers are one of the most versatile and popular garden fittings to use, and Coventry Timber Products is here to tell you the five best ways to utilise them.


What Are Timber Sleepers For Gardens?

Before we get into the five best uses, let’s answer what timber railways sleepers are. Timber sleepers were originally supports for the rails on a railway track but are now utilised by landscapers and avid gardeners for various means. For the railroads across the UK, they are made from different materials including concrete, stone, steel and even plastic, but we recommend timber for railway sleepers for garden purposes.


Raised Flower Beds

Our first use is garden sleepers for raised beds. With timber garden sleepers, you can create ample space for your floral displays or even for your fruits and vegetables. With raised beds using timber sleepers, slugs and snails will have more trouble munching on your veg and produce, and your flowers will blossom well thanks to the extra space and drainage for their roots. Softwood sleepers are a great material to choose, thanks to them being pressure treated to prevent rot, decay and damage when exposed to the elements and fungus.


Sleepers For Garden Edging

Creating a uniform layout for your garden can help create that extra wow factor, and what better way than using timber sleepers for garden edging. Creating a border to separate your lawns, pathways and flowered areas is easy. All you’ll have to do is dig a shallow trench where you wish to place your timber sleepers, put them in place and ensure the ground is level to help prevent the sleeper becoming loose. You can also decide whether to have the edging raised or flush with the ground, offering complete customisation.



Steps help to add new layers to a garden, but stone or concrete steps can often feel cold and unnatural. Timber railway sleepers for garden steps provide a softer, more organic look and will fit expertly with other natural elements of your garden, or even combine the step edges with stone materials, offering a perfect balance of traditional and contemporary designs. Solid pinewood sleepers in particular offer a robust solution for even the heaviest of foot traffic.


Benches And Tables

Believe it or not – timber sleepers for your garden can be used to create benches and tables that offer a great rustic look. The sturdy, treated timber is ideal for outdoor use and greatly protected from adverse weather and climates. Create traditional benches and tables or go for something more unique. The versatility of railway sleepers provides a wide array of choices. All it takes is some creativity and a few quality tools.


Garden Ponds

If you’ve got the space, a garden pond adds value to your property, creates a distinct feature for your outdoor area and can be filled with a host of aquatic life to enjoy. A great way to create one is to use timber sleepers as the framework and support for raised ponds.


Get Timber Sleepers For Garden Features From Coventry Timber Products

Now that you know what you can create with these amazing products, you can get the highest quality railway sleepers from Coventry Timber Products. We supply a host of treated timber railway sleepers for your gardening needs, from redwood to pine, all made to last and look spectacular. Reach out to us for more information and assistance by calling our team on 02476 581 904.

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