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How To Choose Between Sawn Or Treated Structural Timbers?

Should I Use Treated Or Untreated (Sawn) Structural Timber?

Sawn timber is structural and not treated for outdoor use, whereas treated timber is. This is the core difference between the two. Both are structurally graded to either C16 or C24.

Choosing the right structural timber is crucial for the success and longevity of your construction projects. Structural timber serves as the backbone of various applications, including framing, roofingflooring, and general construction. It provides stability, strength, and durability to ensure the project’s structural integrity. Selecting the appropriate timber not only ensures safety but also influences the overall quality and longevity of the structure.


Overview of Sawn and Treated Structural Timber (C16/24)

When it comes to structural timber, two commonly used classifications are C16 and C24 All of our Timber is C16 at minimum if not C24 Graded. These classifications indicate the strength and load-bearing capabilities of the timber.

  1. C16 Timber: C16 timber is suitable for applications where moderate strength is required. It is commonly used in internal construction, such as non-load-bearing partitions or non-critical structural elements. C16 timber is less expensive compared to C24 and is suitable for projects with lower load requirements.
  2. C24 Timber: C24 timber offers higher strength and is ideal for applications requiring greater load-bearing capacity. It is commonly used in structural components such as beams, joists, and columns, where strength and stability are essential. C24 timber is recommended for projects with higher load or increased structural integrity requirements.

Definition and Purpose of Sawn and Treated Structural Timber

Sawn and treated structural timber refers to timber that has been processed through cutting (sawing) and treated with preservatives to enhance its strength, durability, and resistance to decay (Watch this video to understand how it works!). This type of timber is specifically designed for structural applications in construction projects, providing the necessary support and stability to the overall structure. The only difference being that sawn is untreated, and treated has been treated to be used outside.

Characteristics and Benefits of Sawn and Treated Timber

  1. Strength and Load-Bearing Capacity: Sawn and treated structural timber, whether C16 or C24 grade, exhibits excellent strength and load-bearing capabilities. These timbers are carefully selected and processed to withstand the forces and loads imposed on them, ensuring the structural stability and safety of the construction project.
  2. Durability and Resistance to Decay: Treated structural timber undergoes a preservative treatment process, which enhances its resistance to decay, fungal growth, and insect attack. This treatment helps to prolong the lifespan of the timber, making it more durable and suitable for long-term applications.
  3. Versatility in Construction Applications: Sawn and treated structural timber offers versatility in various construction applications. It can be used for framing, roofing, flooring, and other structural elements, providing a reliable and flexible solution for different project requirements. The ability to customize the timber dimensions further enhances its versatility and adaptability to specific construction needs.



Project Requirements and Specifications

  1. Structural Design and Engineering Demands: When selecting structural timber, it is crucial to consider the specific design and engineering requirements of your project. Factors such as the intended use, building regulations, and load-bearing capacities need to be taken into account to ensure the timber can adequately support the intended structures.
  2. Load-Bearing Capacities and Safety Standards: Structural timber must meet certain load-bearing capacities and safety standards to ensure the safety and stability of the constructed elements. Consulting with engineers or architects can help determine the appropriate timber specifications needed for your project’s specific requirements.

Timber Quality and Grade Selection

  1. Understanding C16 and C24 Graded Timber: The grading of structural timber, such as C16 and C24, indicates its strength and performance characteristics. C16 timber is suitable for general construction purposes, while C24 timber offers higher strength and is often used in applications where increased load-bearing capacities are required.
  2. Assessing Strength, Straightness, and Moisture Content: When selecting structural timber, it is important to assess its strength, straightness, and moisture content. Strength is determined by factors such as the species of timber and its grading. Straightness ensures ease of installation and alignment, while moisture content affects dimensional stability and durability. All of our structural timber is professionally graded and trusted by some of the largest housing contractors in the UK
Stanley Gen 2 Sharpcut Saw being used to saw timber

Coventry Timber’s Competitive Prices For Timber and Efficient, Fast Delivery Services-

When sourcing structural timber for your project, Coventry Timber stands out as a reliable supplier offering competitive prices and efficient delivery services. Coventry Timber understands the importance of affordability and timely delivery, ensuring that your project stays on schedule and within budget.

  1. Competitive Prices: Coventry Timber offers competitive prices for sawn and treated structural timber, including both C16 and C24 grades. Our commitment to affordability allows you to access high-quality timber without compromising your budget.
  2. Efficient Delivery: Coventry Timber’s efficient delivery services ensure that your structural timber arrives promptly at your project site. Their streamlined logistics and reliable transportation on our own trucks guarantee that you can start your construction on time, minimizing any delays or disruptions.


Introduction to Coventry Timbers Commitment to Customers & The Trade.

Coventry Timber is a renowned supplier of sawn and treated structural timber in the Midlands, catering to the construction industry in Coventry and all its surrounding areas. Our commitment to providing high-quality timber products, competitive pricing, and efficient delivery services, has allowed us to establish a strong reputation as a trusted supplier in the region.


Competitive Pricing: Cheap Timber Prices in Coventry Since 2001

  1. Cost-Effective Solutions for Project Budgets: At Coventry Timber, we understand the importance of project budgeting and offer competitive pricing on structural timber products. By providing cost-effective solutions, we enable construction professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike to procure the necessary timber within their budgetary constraints. No job is too big or small!
  2. Value for Money with Quality Timber Products: Despite our affordable prices, we never compromise on the quality of our timber products. We source our timber from reputable suppliers, ensuring that each piece meets industry standards for strength, durability, and performance. This ensures that customers receive value for their money, with timber that is reliable and long-lasting, as standard!

Efficient Delivery Services: Quick and Reliable. Communication is Key.

  1. Timely Delivery to Coventry and Surrounding Areas: As a timber yard serving the local area in Coventry for years, we take pride in our efficient delivery services, offering timely transportation of timber products to Coventry and its surrounding areas. Whether it’s a small DIY project or a large-scale construction endeavour, customers can rely on Coventry Timber to deliver their orders promptly, allowing projects to stay on schedule. Free and fast delivery is available on orders as little as £150.
  2. Streamlined Ordering and Logistics Process: We streamline our ordering and logistics process to ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience for our all-important customers. From placing an order to tracking the delivery, we prioritize clear communication and efficient coordination to minimize any delays or complications.

By choosing Coventry Timber for your structural timber needs, you can benefit from affordable prices, high-quality products, and reliable delivery services. Our commitment to customer satisfaction makes them a reliable partner for any construction project in the Coventry area.

Extensive Range of Timber Products

  1. Availability of Sawn and Treated Timber in Various Dimensions: Coventry Timber offers an extensive range of sawn and treated structural timber in different dimensions to cater to various construction needs. Whether you require standard sizes or customized dimensions, they can provide timber that suits your project requirements.
  2. Additional Products and Accessories for Construction Needs: In addition to sawn and treated timber, Coventry Timber also offers a wide selection of additional products and accessories that complement construction projects. This includes items such as fixings, connectors, insulation, and other construction essentials, ensuring a comprehensive solution for your construction needs.

Quality Assurance and Timber Standards

  1. Compliance with Industry Regulations and Standards: Coventry Timber ensures that all their sawn and treated structural timber products comply with industry regulations and standards. This commitment to quality and adherence to recognized standards provides assurance that the timber you receive meets the necessary requirements for structural integrity and performance.
  2. Assurance of High-Quality and Reliable Timber: By sourcing timber from reputable suppliers and conducting thorough quality control measures, Coventry Timber guarantees high-quality and reliable timber products. This ensures that the timber you purchase is durable, consistent, and able to withstand the demands of construction projects.

Convenient Ordering Process and Customer Support

  1. Easy Online Ordering or In-Store Assistance: Coventry Timber offers a convenient ordering process, allowing customers to place orders online or receive in-store assistance. Our user-friendly website enables quick and hassle-free browsing and selection of timber products, while our knowledgeable staff is readily available to provide personalized assistance and guidance.
  2. Expert Guidance and Assistance for Timber Selection: As a top timber merchant in Coventry, we want you to benefit from expert guidance and assistance when selecting the most suitable sawn and treated timber for your project. Our experienced team can help you navigate through the available options, providing insights and recommendations based on your specific requirements, and ensuring you make an informed decision.

Coventry Timber stands out as a reliable supplier of sawn and treated structural timber due to our extensive range of timber products, adherence to quality standards, and commitment to customer satisfaction. With our convenient ordering process, quality assurance, and knowledgeable support, Coventry Timber is a trusted choice for your construction timber needs.


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