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The Benefits of Timber for Roofs

Find out the benefits of timber used for the structure of your roof.


Imagine life without a roof. Your jigsaw puzzle would get soggy, your budgie cage would swing like a church bell, your house would look like it was missing a hat, and where would Dick Van Dyke and his chimney sweep friends dance? Without roofs, theoretically, we wouldn’t have ceilings either. There would be no glass ceiling to break through in your career, you couldn’t bounce off the ceiling when emotional and where on earth would you put your ceiling fan?

That is not the kind of society anyone wants to live in.

Luckily for Dick and the rest of us, we have roofs as lids to our buildings and they come in various materials, but since we at Coventry Timber Products deal in timber products in Coventry and the surrounding areas, this blog is going to tell you all about the benefits of roofing timber.
Without further ado… “TIMBER”.

Timber Roof Frame
Timber roof structure

What are the benefits of a timber roof?

Joking aside, timber is the ideal material for building a truss for both pitched and flat roofing designs. A truss is the sub structure of your roof. Think of it as the foundations. In fact, timber is ideal for multiple applications in construction and has been for thousands of years, thanks to its numerous benefits, including the following:

  • Natural Insulation
    Roof timber provides natural insulating properties, which help maintain indoor temperatures and contribute to a building’s energy efficiency. So basically, wood can save you money. And they say it doesn’t grow on trees!
  • Strength and Durability
    Properly treated and maintained timber is a very strong and durable material that can take significant loads and withstand various environmental conditions.
  • Eco-Friendly
    Timber is a renewable resource, and since we only supply ethically sourced timber which comes with an FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) sticker attached, you can be sure your roof has not harmed the environment in any way.
  • Acoustic Performance
    If a tree falls in the wood, does it make a noise? If it does, you are unlikely to hear it as wood is a natural absorber of sound, which means it can contribute to a quieter indoor environment as it reduces noise from hail, rain and external sources.
  • Versatility
    Not only can roofing timber be crafted into a wide variety of shapes and sizes, making it an ideal material for various complex and simple designs, but it is also extremely compatible with other building materials, such as glass, metal and roofing tiles.
  • Repair and Maintenance
    Whilst timber does require regular maintenance to protect against moisture, pests and decay, it is relatively easy to repair or replace damaged sections without needing to overhaul the entire roof.

Is a timber roof truss at risk of fire?

Timber roofs, like any wooden structure, do pose a fire risk due to the combustible nature of wood, but the level of risk can be influenced by several factors, including the design, type of timber, presence of fire-resistance treatments, the building’s location and the local environment. There are various methods to minimise the risk which start with the design containing fire breaks or combining non-combustible materials such as metal, and adhering to all building codes and standards to ensure the construction meets fire safety regulations. Roof timber will typically be treated with fire-retardant chemicals that reduce its flammability and slow down the spread of fire.

The ideal option

At Coventry Timber Products, we have a depth of knowledge and experience to help all our customers make the right choices when considering their options, especially when it comes to the right timber for the job. Our quality timber is perfect for anyone building a flat roof, a dormer roof extension, a traditional extension, a loft conversion or replacing boards for guttering, old battens and even laying new roof tiles. We supply a wide range of battens, laths, sheets, structural beams and more, ensuring we are a one stop shop for your timber needs. Why not explore our whole range of timber products?

Can’t see the wood for the trees?

If you are still wondering whether timber is the answer to your roofing situation then why not explore our range of sawn timbertreated timber and all tools and fixings you may need? Still unsure, then chat with one of our friendly experts who will be able to fill in all the gaps. You can call us on 02476 581 904, drop us an email, fill in our contact form or even visit us at our Coventry base.

Let your home give a whole new meaning to the word ‘Tree House’.

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