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Timber Maintenance for The Winter

As we head into the depths of winter, you might be wondering how best to maintain your timber during the colder months.


How to Maintain Timber During the Winter

As we head into the depths of winter, you might be wondering how best to maintain your timber during the colder months. The cold weather can play havoc on timber and lead to wood becoming spoilt, with damp days and bitterly cold snaps, your timber might be looking a little worse for wear by the time summer comes back around. Here at Coventry Timber, we can provide you with all the tips and tricks on timber maintenance for the winter, so you know your wood will be in perfect condition for the warmer seasons.

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What Kind of Damage Can Winter Do to Timber?

Unfortunately, winter can cause all sorts of issues for timber, especially if it is untreated. The cold weather can cause the wood to contract, whereas the wetter weather can cause timber to expand. The constant contraction and expansion of the timber can cause it to weaken which can lead to noticeable damage such as cracks and splits.

If your wood is embedded into soil, the same process of constant expansion and contraction within the soil can cause the wood to split and shift, which can damage the structure of fences, sheds, sleepers for patios and any other timber frames that are exposed to the ground. So, when it comes to timber maintenance for the winter, it is crucial to keep on top of it during the colder months.

Timber Maintenance Tips for The Winter

To keep on top of your timber maintenance for the winter, there are a few things you can do to ensure your timber is up to scratch for the summer and keep it looking fresh all year round.

Protecting Your Timber

The likelihood is you’ll have applied protection to your timber on installation and thought that will be enough to keep it looking spick and span. Sadly, maintaining timber isn’t that easy. To protect your timber from the harsh elements of winter, protection should be applied at least once a year. Whether the protection is in the form of oil, paint or stain, all of these types of protectors will cushion your wood to handle the next frost with ease. Protectors will usually be a translucent liquid, however, when it comes to stains and paints, you can acquire different colours to suit your aesthetics and décor choices.

Routine Cleaning

Like most elements of maintenance, when it comes to timber maintenance for the winter, it also requires a level of regular cleaning to ensure it survives the wetter and cooler spells that winter provides us. In cleaning your timber, you can avoid it becoming slippery or rotting. This is especially common with wooden decking, simply use a stiff brush to remove any loose matter from the wood. Once it’s removed, you can scrub your timber with a cleaning product and then rinse thoroughly.

Restoring Timber

If your timber has already been damaged from winter weather, you don’t need to worry, there is a way to salvage it and restore it back to health! After cleaning your timber, a restorer can be applied, however, it must be applied before protection. Restorer can be applied to wood with a stiff brush and a little bit of good old elbow grease. If you actively follow these steps every year you will be smashing the timber maintenance for the winter.

Why Is Timber Maintenance for The Winter Essential?

Wooden structures need to be maintained as any damage can affect their structural soundness, their endurance and even their visual aesthetic. By investing in timber maintenance for the winter, you can ensure that your wood is protected against the harsh elements of the wet and cold winter. If your timber is being used for the structure of a fence, gazebo or anything else, by maintaining it over the winter, you are preventing any structural damage caused by rot, decay or deterioration that could be quite costly.

Why Choose Coventry Timber

Here at Coventry Timber, we understand that maintaining your timber can be difficult. All of our timber products are of the highest quality and not only that, but our timber is also sustainable. Providing an in-house cut-to-size service means we can ensure your timber will be the perfect fit and your project will be sure to last, along with our forests. We are FSC and PEFC certified, so you know that every piece of timber from Coventry Timber is responsibly sourced.

All of our products are guaranteed, and our five-star reputation can ensure that you are buying quality timber. With over 100 years of combined experience within our team, we can advise you on the perfect timber for your project, whatever it may be. With a free click-and-collect service and a fast and efficient delivery service, it’s never been easier to find the timber you need than through us here at Coventry Timber. We don’t stop there either, we can supply you with everything you need when it comes to tools and materials for timber maintenance for the winter.

If you’re looking for more timber maintenance for the winter information, then don’t hesitate to contact our friendly and helpful customer service team who will be more than happy to help you. Contact us via phone at 02476581904 or email us at for all your timber needs.

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