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What Is Pressure Treated Timber? A Guide To Its Uses And Advantages

Timber can come in many different shapes, sizes, types and treatments that have their own range of benefits and uses. Finding the right type of timber for your applications is essential.


Timber can come in many different shapes, sizes, types and treatments that have their own range of benefits and uses. Finding the right type of timber for your applications is essential, and here at Coventry Timber, we have the ideal timber for your needs.

You can buy pressure treated timber from us, including fence posts and cladding to decking boards and garden sleepers. But why go for pressure treated timber in the first place? Well, we’re here to provide you with an expert guide on why pressure treated timber is so amazing and just some of the things it can be used for.

treated timber construction of a building


Treated wood planks stacked

High- And Low-Pressure Treatments

Natural timber can be treated in two ways: high-pressure treatment and low-pressure treatment. Both methods aim to enhance durability and resistance to external threats, such as moisture, insects and fungi. Special chemical preservatives are used to provide many benefits. The type of treatment depends on the final intended use of the timber and the required level of protection. 

High-Pressure Treatment

With high-pressure timber treatment, wood is placed in a closed cylinder where vacuum and pressure are applied to force chemical preservatives into the wood fibres. The pressure creates deep penetration and a high level of preservative retention, making high-pressure treated timber ideal for construction, poles and outdoor structures such as decking.

Low-Pressure Treatment

Low amounts of pressure and sometimes vacuum processes are used to introduce the chemical preservatives into the wood which, while providing less protection, makes this type of timber suitable for interior applications where the risk of exposure to harmful elements is greatly reduced.

What Is Pressure Treated Timber Used For?

Worker sawing wood with mechanical saw

Timber that has been pressure treated is utilised for a wide range of applications, and the type of treatment will determine how it’s best used. 

At Coventry Timber Products, we supply a wide range of tanalised (treated) timber products, from structural timber treated with Tanalith E to certain cladding products and redwood timber. We supply timber with c16 and c24 grades, which can be utilised for outdoor decking, structural components, fence panels, flat post caps and more. Our tanalised timber is well suited for outdoor use and will remain durable and functional under various conditions.

The Benefits Of Timber That’s Pressure Treated

Wood is an invaluable building material that has been used in construction for thousands of yearshowever, wood is also prone to rot and decayThat’s where pressure treatment comes into play, offering a handful of amazing benefits that make wooden products and components that much better.

Moisture And Fungal Resistance

If left in moist or wet environments, wood will start to rot and decay, causing it to soften quickly and become obsolete. Not only this, but moisture facilitates the growth of fungus and other harmful bacteria, which will impact the quality of the wood, causing it to decompose. By having the wood highly-pressure treated, the chemical preservatives act as a biocide to stop the growth of funguses and bacteria, as well as protect it against the degrading effects of moisture.

Fire Resistance

On the other end of the spectrum, pressure treated wood is also greatly advantageous for protection against fire. With fire being one of the biggest threats to wood and buildings that feature it extensively, having your timber ingrained with the chemical fire-retardant properties is a huge gain, especially if using wood for applications where the risk of fire is high.

Say Goodbye To Insects

Insects love wood. No matter what type it is – ants, woodworms, beetles, termites, bees or wood wasps – these critters can cause significant damage and structural problems. Thanks to pressure treatment, you’ll be able to say goodbye to insects boring through your wood as the chemicals used contain copper, borate and arsenic compounds that deter insects from harvesting the timber.


On top of providing resistance to moisture, fungi, fire and insects, the pressure treatment of timber adds excellent durabilityThis is down to the timber becoming denser when treated, making it much stronger but still considerably lighter than concrete and stoneThe wood will also not warp or split either, helping your overall structures stay in the best shape.

Buy The Best Pressure Treated Timber From Coventry Timber Products

With the many advantages and uses pressure treated timber has, it’s undoubtedly the go-to-choice when selecting your timber products. And there’s no better place to get those tanalised timber goods than from us here at Coventry Timber Products. We have over 100 years of combined experience as timber specialists and can offer the best advice and help in finding and supplying the best timber products for you. 

Reach out to our team on 02476 581 904 or send us your information to and we will direct you to the right place for timber that’s pressure treated.

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