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Precast option to stop the floods
As the EA begin looking into 1 in 30 year flooding events as opposed to 1 in every 100 years, flooding is now part of life for some people, especially those living in Cossington in Leicestershire, where some residents have recently had to face a four-week wait before they could return to their home following flooding. With new housing developments built on floodplains and an increase in demand on the emergency services and the EA, in times when budgets are being cut, developers are looking to fast track heavy weight solutions to stop flooding ruining lives. These include NMCN who are installing precast concrete water management systems on behalf of Severn Trent Water to stop the flooding in Cossington and control stormwater attenuation. Using 900mm precast concrete pipes for the storage of flood water and flatpack tank systems for water management control, manufactured off-site by Marshalls CPM and delivered ready to install on-site. The tank systems being installed do not require a concrete surround, saving on both time, money, the number of lorry vehicle movements and on-site waste. The precast water management flatpack panel systems have been made to suit the requirements of the scheme and are typically used when conventional circular chambers are not appropriate. Flow control devices such as weirwalls, Hydrobrakes, orifice plates and penstocks can be fitted to ensure the stormwater control management is fit for purpose and protects both homes and commercial properties from future flooding events. Removing much of the confined space working from on-site building sites, which can be frequently wet, windy, and dusty or just, too hot to work on means a cleaner and faster installation process once manufactured products are delivered, making building sites a much safer environments for all concerned and an improved finish to project. With Marshalls CPM offering a complete design package, including calculations and drawings, NMCN had full confidence in the proposed plan that greatly reduces the long-term maintenance cost of the project with all manufacturing complying with the relevant British Standards and Eurocodes. John Wright from NMCN believes that precast offsite solutions are an efficient solution as the savings on cost and time are only part of the benefits. “The products manufactured by Marshalls CPM have been of high quality and fast to install, which is great for our on-site people as wet-trades are closed quicker and vehicle movements are kept to a minimum”. Billy Fairhurst, Specifications Manager for Marshalls CPM believes the flatpack system offers customer’s high quality bespoke water management systems for both sustainable drainage systems and flood plains. “All of our watertight systems are bespoke. Whilst we have standard formwork to create the panels, with the modular formwork we have the flexibility to make bespoke items for every customer, including innovative fabrication for pipe entries. We have a varied product offering and offer chamber panels that can be constructed with minimum in-situ works.”

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