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Diamond Office Furniture Flash Sale!

This is a very rare opportunity to purchase top range, hardly-used office furniture for a fraction of the price!


If your business premises could do with a makeover, then we have some incredible offers for you at the moment, but they won’t hang around.


We have lots of clients who have decided to move to smaller premises, introduce hybrid working or move entirely to the ‘work from home’ option and this leaves them with a dilemma…what to do with their surplus office furniture.


Lots of businesses underwent refurbs before lockdown, purchasing top-notch office furniture which never got used once restrictions were enforced. For over 2 years, some of the most exclusive office furniture on the market has been untouched.


Buying second hand (used) furniture is really proving popular and we are advocates of keeping as many of our products out of landfill to minimise harmful greenhouse gases. We only have to look at record temperatures this summer to know that global warming is a hot topic. It is also a far more affordable way to refurb your office or WFH space with a clear conscience.


The other benefits of ordering hardly-used office furniture with us are that we only stock used items that are in superb condition, lead time on orders, delivery and installation are greatly reduced and you can get a new range of office furniture far faster than placing an order for brand new items. By giving used office furniture another go massively helps our environment and reduces your business’ carbon footprint.




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