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Hire Dust Fighter DF Smart Water Misting Cannon
Dust is a global problem with dust formed in the process of work activities now recognised as a significant contributor to ill-health. As a means of control water-suppression reduces dust clouds but needs to be applied correctly and throughout the duration of the work activity to be effective. A water-mist dust suppression system is an improvement over conventional jets or water-sprays. The Dust Fighter (DF) Smart is a high capacity misting fan which can throw a plume of water mist up to 13 metres (still air conditions) and produces finely divided “Nebulised” water droplets in the size range 40-120 micron diameter. At this size water droplets more easily combine with dust particles of similar dimensions and precipitate them out of the air and - because a water-mist “floats” more than a conventional spray - it will cover and envelops a dust cloud more effectively. The DF Smart Dustfighter is a “roll up, plug in, and switch on” product only requiring connection to 110v power and water through a 15mm hose. Envirogard supply the Dustfighter nationwide from hire depots at Manchester, Barnsley, Tamworth, Bristol and Ashford (Kent).

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