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Dust Filtration Unit: DFU 5000
Envirogard DFU's are highly versatile dust filtration units equipped with HEPA filtration, and capable of moving between 600m3/hr and 5400 m3/hr of air. They can be used stand-alone as air scrubbers, for spot extraction to capture dust generated at source, to extract from an enclosure and provide negative pressure, or to ventilate areas using filtered air. Whichever application they are used for the air passes through a HEPA filter and the machines are all regularly tested to ensure they remove 99.995% of particles as small as 0.3 microns (to put that in perspective that's a particle approx 1/3000th the size of a pin head). As standard they are supplied with a pre-filter hood which can be fitted direct to the front of the machine, or this can be used with an intervening ducting as a "roving" collection hood. For difficult applications - where there is a high dust load - the larger machines (2300 and 5400) can be equipped with a pre-filter unit containing bag-filters; these are quick and easy to change within a matter of seconds and can collect larger quantities of dust between filter change. As with all our equipment these machines are "roll-up, plug-in, switch-on"; they are simple to operate and run on a 110v power supply. Their use is easily scaled up or down by selecting more (or fewer) units of the same model, or by choosing higher or lower capacity units from the range.

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