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Hire Dustcontrol Aircleaner - DC AirCube 2000
The DC AirCube 2000 is intended for cleaning air within the workplace. Air is passed through a combination pre-filter (which removes large particles) and a micro (HEPA) filter. The HEPA filter separates out up to 99.95% of small particulates. The Aircleaner is normally used upright and freestanding (see picture) and returns the cleaned air back to the workplace. The DC AirCube 2000 can also be used to discharge air from workplaces which must be kept under negative pressure - this is achieved using a 310mm dia. hose attached to the fan outlight. Nominal airflow of this unit is 1800 m3/hr, and it simply plugs into a 110v supply. See our other specialist dust control pages for details of more air cleaning equipment with: ? capacities to 5400 m3/hr ? filtration standards up to 99.995% retention at 0.3 micron ? facility for a roving filtration head.

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