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Emergency Drench Shower Hire
? The STD 40 K can be located just about anywhere (but needs protection from frost!). ? Intended for use at remote locations where utility / shower facilities are unavailable.? Includes an emergency eyewash station as standard? Serves as a primary emergency decontamination shower in case of a hazardous material spill.? Shower operates from a simple lever pull, and provides a cold water drench of approx. 100 litres. ? Compact and portable, it can be moved by one man even when filled with water.? Once filled and pressurised from a clean water supply it is autonomous and requires no utility connection.? Optional fold-away drawbar allows it to be towed around larger sites by a vehicle.[fold-away drawbar on request, 50mm tow ball, not for highway use, max 15 mph).? Integral eyebath operates immediately cover is removed.? Eyebath flow adjustable to preferred volume.

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