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Portable Transformers
3, 4, & 5kVA portable tool step-down (110v output) transformers, with overload protection. • 3kVA as standard with 2 & 16amp 110v sockets • 4 & 5kVA as standard with 1 * 32amp 110v outlet. • 3 kW step-up transformers for use where 240v is required but only 110v is available. Note that these transformers require a 32amp 110v feed for correct operation. • Output voltage 240v through 2 * 16amp sockets; overload and RCCD protected. • Transformer maximum load 3kW. You can either collect hire equipment from our depots or we can deliver to your location anywhere in the UK.

For more information on Portable Transformers talk to Envirogard- Specialist Hires Limited

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