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remediation of contaminated Land Equipment Hire Specialists
Established in 1989 Envirogard now hires specialist equipment to contractors throughout mainland U.K. Equipment is supplied from our hire depots at Tamworth, Bristol, Manchester, Barnsley, and Ashford (Kent), and the company is a full member of the Hire Association Europe, and an associate member of the Environmental Industries Commission. Much of our hire equipment is employed by contractors engaged in environmental clean-up and pollution control. However our hire equipment is also used by contractors who only occasionally encounter hazardous materials in the course of their work; typically telecomms. engineers, electricians, roofing, shot-blasting and painting contractors – to aid them in complying with health and safety regulations. Hire products broadly fall into the following classes: Showers, Decontamination Facilities, and Welfare Units: To help contractors comply with their obligations to protect their employees and the general public during work with potentially hazardous materials Envirogard offers an extensive range of showers, decontamination units, and welfare units: ►Emergency drench showers are highly mobile and can be located just about anywhere. They include an emergency eyewash station as standard and serve as a primary decontamination shower in case of a hazardous material spill. Once charged with clean water these units are autonomous, and do not require connection to mains utility services. ►Modular Decontamination Showers are often the only option where space constraint prohibits use of static or trailed decontamination facilities. Quickly and easily erected at site from lightweight panels, these systems are intended for indoor use. ►Trailer Decontamination Showers - we operate an extensive hire fleet of decontamination trailers allowing us to cater for the requirements of different industrial users. Water heating is either electric or (most commonly) by an integral room-sealed balanced-flue LPG water heater. All models have (at least) three compartments which provide separate Dirty, Shower and Clean areas, and are equipped with certified HEPA grade air-filtration to aid containment of hazardous materials. A range of sizes is available from our smallest Micro single shower trailer catering for just 4 people, up to our Maxi Quad shower units accomodating 16. Self-contained units are also available, equipped with integral clean water tanks and long-run generators. We also supply combi units equipped with a 3-stage decontamination facility AND welfare facilities - all within one trailer. Additional options include boot-wash stations, waste-water filtration systems, pressure washers etc. ►Welfare Units are intended for tow to site using a large estate car or van. Each trailer is equipped with 2 showers, cassette toilet [user serviceable], hand-wash basins, separate galley (microwave-grill, hot plate with kettle, fridge, plus sink), and a mess/office area with table. Site Services / Ancillaries: We recognize that many sites lack basic utility services and have their own unique problems. Based on the most frequent customer requests we offer a range of ancillary products including: ►compact water bowsers ►portable generators ►clean-water supply pumps ►waste filtration units ►Hilta pressure washers ►transformers ►110v extension cables ►halogen lights etc. Ventilation, Fume & Dust Control Equipment: We offer a range of equipment for handling "air" in one form or another, with machine capacities from 800 m3/hr up to 5000 m3/hr. In summary: ►At the simplest level we offer portable and transportable axial and centrifugal fans for ventilation and fume extraction applications; flexible ducting is available to hire or buy. ►For suppression of nuisance dust e.g. concrete, cement, brick-dust, shot-blasting overspill etc. we have a range of centrifugal ex

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