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Hire Spitzna Axial Ventilation Blower & Extractor Fan
A compact, portable, and extremely robust German built axial fan ideal for moving a large volume of air - around enclosures, through duct work for fume removal, for blowing and exhausting of air. These fans are also good for cooling applications - either extracting warm air or blowing in cool ambient air; their small size (300mm diameter) and relative light weight means they can easily be suspended. These axial fans may also be connected in series at 30m - 40m intervals to achieve very long ducted runs.. We can supply flexible trunking as part of the hire - standard ducting: 310mm diameter x 8 metre lengths, easy-coupling using capstan connectors (supplied with all hire ducting). This is a "Roll-up, Plug-in, Switch-on" product.

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