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Hire Dust Filtration and Control Extractor VS 3000
The VS 3000 shown is equipped with a fabric tubular filter-sock for the capture of coarse nuisance dust particles; the sock is easily removed for emptying and replacement. As an alternative to a filter-sock on the fan discharge this extractor can be supplied with a high grade multi-pocket bag-filter to capture medium to fine dusts. In this arrangement dust laden air is filtered before it enters the fan; the filtered air can then be discharged either direct from the machine or may be ducted elsewhere as / if required. The multi-pocket filter is held within a polypropylene housing which is lightweight, portable and which can be separate from the fan (using flexible ducting) - allowing the filter to be located close to the dust generating work while the fan is kept remote. Filters can easily and quickly be replaced by the user if they become blocked, and a change to a different grade of filter takes a matter of seconds. This is a "Roll-up, Plug-in, Switch-on" product.

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