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Ball Swivel Joints

Ball Swivel Joints are purpose-built for seamless integration with hose lines, offering exceptional flexibility to counter torsion and minimise axial forces around the hose’s circumference. This innovative design not only safeguards the hose but also enhances operational safety. The incorporation of a ball mechanism permits rotational movement between distinct pipe sections, streamlining handling procedures.


Having demonstrated consistent performance for over many years, these swivels have proven their worth in chemical and petrochemical applications, as well as within the power generation sector. Their adaptability extends to various contexts, including stationary and mobile tank trucks and gas stations.


By preventing the occurrence of twisting or unintended forces on the pipe system, these swivel joints drastically mitigate the potential for hazardous situations. Crafted from premium materials, Ball Swivel Joints prioritise longevity. We’ve diligently focused on minimising maintenance requirements, resulting in infrequent and straightforward maintenance procedures that are both efficient and user-friendly.

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