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Nitrogen and Hydraulic Tension Jacks

Nitrogen and Hydraulic Tension Jacks stand as the definitive solution for precise track tension management within the undercarriages of crawlers and crawler excavators. These tension units excel at absorbing peak tensions within chains, offering seamless performance. They eliminate the necessity for a connection to the central hydraulic system of the equipment, ensuring operational efficiency.


Distinguished as separate entities, our Tension Jacks present a versatile range of options. The nitrogen adjuster boasts five standardised designs, each encompassing over twenty various filling levels. In contrast, the hydraulic adjuster’s potential spans over 50 distinct designs, entirely tailored to meet specific customer requirements. It’s important to note that the applications of tension jacks extend beyond crawlers and crawler excavators. They find purpose in diverse settings, including damper units, conveyor belts & chains, and slat conveyors.


A standout attribute of our Nitrogen and Hydraulic Tension Jacks lies in their oxidation-resistant tanks. Leveraging the inherent characteristics of the nitrogen fill medium, these jacks prevent the ageing of seals over time, culminating in a prolonged operational lifespan for each tension jack.

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