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Choosing the Right Wheel Alignment Lifts and Equipment

Whether you are an established auto repair shop or a new start garage who is looking to add wheel alignment services to their portfolio, you will want to invest in good quality garage equipment. In most garage workshops you will more than likely see a wheel alignment lift, the only discernible difference from a standard platform lift be it 4 post or scissor is the recesses in the platform both front and rear for the positioning of turn plates and slip plates which are vital components for the purpose of carrying out wheel alignment services.


Getting a Good Wheel Alignment Lift is Great, but Choosing the Right one for your Needs is Even more Important. There are several aspects to consider, from integrated safety features to the type of wheel alignment machine that you choose to work alongside of your new lift. It is essential that you make an informed decision in order to ensure the overall efficiency of your garage, remember time is money so take the time to truly understand your needs.


Considerations to Make When Choosing a Wheel Alignment Lift

Types of vehicle you wish to align, passenger cars, to long wheelbase commercial vehicles will require a different lift.

Turnaround time, the time it takes to accurately align a vehicle will vary greatly depending on the equipment being used so if efficiency is important then you should opt for a top end wheel alignment machine.

Available workshop space, will determine the length of the platform you can fit into the workshop, the bigger the better as this will allow you to cater to a broader range of vehicles.

Budget, from simple budget friendly wheel alignment tables to 5.9 metre 4 post or scissor wheel alignment lifts we cater for all budgets.

Type of wheel alignment machine and their pro's and con's, 2 or 4 wheel laser hang on wheel alignment systems, 8 sensor CCD computerised wheel aligners or a super hi-tech 3D wheel alignment system.

Wheel alignment lift width, consider the future and ensure that the lift you choose is compatible with all machines or you may find that the expensive 3D wheel alignment system you have just purchased is obstructed by the posts of the lift.

Safe working load of the lift, Never attempt to lift any vehicle off the ground with a vehicle lift that is not suited for its intended purpose.

Jacking beams and wheel alignment go hand in hand and not one size fits all so be sure to purchase one that will fit your lift.

Turn plates and slip plates should be included in the price of your new lift if not shop elsewhere.

There are different several types of alignment lifts and machines available, but you should try to pick based on space, budget and your application. Other factors you might want to take into consideration are the wheelbase and weight capacity of the lift.


Wheel Alignment Machines

2 Wheel Hang on Laser Aligner: We would not recommend this product to high output workshops where time is of the essence although it is accurate enough the task itself is a lot more labour intensive the 2 wheel option is mostly supplied for home and track day use.

4 Wheel Hang on Laser Aligner: great for professional mechanics and cost effective although wheel alignment can be more time efficient.

8 Sensor CCD computerised wheel alignment system, now you’re talking highly accurate and quick alignment process supplied with some basic on site tuition to get your operatives up to speed.

Hi-Tech 3D Wheel alignment system: Virtually effortless but not quite scans the vehicles setup and tells you what to adjust.

Choosing the Right Wheel Alignment Ramp Manufacturer

Always ensure that your alignment lift is CE certified and fully conforms with all electrical and mechanical regulations. You should check that the manufacturer/supplier offers aftersales support such as repairs, servicing and calibrations for your wheel alignment system and lift.


Modern Wheel Alignment Software and Tools

Toe, camber, and caster adjustments are vital and common. utilizing additional tools and technology will increase accuracy and make the wheel alignment process simple to perform and highly accurate. Your wheel alignment device should be calibrated and approved at regular intervals to ensure that you are measuring vehicles to an appropriate level of accuracy. If you’re looking for wheel alignment lifts or machines, shop at Garage Equipment Online today! We have a wide range of products available that will fill your garage with all the equipment you need.

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