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Euro 6 Compliant Gas and Smoke Analysers

From December 2015 new legislation came into force that affects the minimum emissions standards that all newly produced vehicles must meet in order to receive a UK MOT certificate.


As of May 2018 MOT stations are required to update/upgrade current emissions testing equipment, where a software or hardware package is not available they must purchase a Euro 6 compliant emissions tester in order to test to the new emissions standards as set by the Euro 6 legislation.


Euro 6?

Euro 6 aims to reduce the levels of harmful car and van exhaust emissions in diesel engines from the Euro 5 standards of 180mg/km to 80mg/km.


How can GEO help you become Euro 6 Compliant?

GEO are an approved distributor of the Crypton range of gas and smoke analysers, all Crypton gas and smoke analysers come pre-loaded with the very latest Euro 6 compatible software and hardware packages ensuring that your MOT tests are carried out in total compliance with the new standards.


Crypton are a UK manufacturer of high quality units that are designed to work as hard as you do for many years to come, with an industry leading 3 year parts and labour warranty and 5 year extended care package available there really is no reason not to choose a Crypton unit as your solution to meeting with the new Euro 6 emissions standards.


To view our range of Euro 6 compliant emissions testers click this link.


It could be that you have an older Crypton 600 series emissions tester if so there is an upgrade package that will ensure the units total compliance.


The 600 series upgrade package includes the following products and software:


Windows 10 PC.


Gas Analyser Module.

Oil Temperature Probe.

Euro 6 Software.

To gain a thorough and in-depth understanding of the new Euro 6 emissions standards click this link.


For additional information or assistance call GEO Today on 0151 601 4945.

For more information on Euro 6 Compliant Gas and Smoke Analysers talk to Garage Equipment Online Limited

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