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Designed to keep you safe

We are delighted to launch our new line of vented and non-vented Swabable Vial Adapters, providing users with greater protection from accidental drips and aerosol contamination when compounding harmful drugs such as cytotoxics.


Each vial adapter incorporates the Arisure® Neutral Valve, designed to grant a secure microbiological and physical closed connection between a syringe and vial. Maintaining sterility of the vial contents for up to 7 days*, Swabable Vial Adapters are suitable for multi-dose applications, Simple to use and completely needle-free. Swabable Vial Adapters are available to two convenient sizes, allowing safe access to standard 13mm and 20mm vials.

Vented Swabable Vial Adapters use a 0.2micron air filter to neutralise air pressure and minimise aerosol contamination and accidental splashes during aspiration of liquid drugs. A dual lumen plastic spike coupled with a low-profile design improves precise withdrawal, minimising residue left in the vial and hold up volume.


Each adapter is supplied individually sterile blister packed, allowing for efficient transfer and use in cleanrooms and isolators.

Swabable Vented Vial Adapter only. Data available on request.

To order a free trial sample or request further information and pricing, please email or call 01582 501980.

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