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O2 Measurements at % Level with a Portable Analyser
Portable oxygen measurement. When making spot checks with portable systems, accuracy and speed of response are key parameters. The PMA10 and PMA10S provide fast, accurate, and reliable oxygen measurement in a lightweight portable device. Paramagnetism is significantly higher for oxygen than other common gases. The M&C magneto-dynamic measurement cell uses this physical phenomenon to provide the most accurate and reliable measurements available. The small (2 ml) flow cell houses a robust sensor that can have a flow rate of up to 1 l/min. The small cell design improves speed of response and the paramagnetic sensor measures oxygen concentrations with a response time of less than 3 seconds. The analyser is able to have 5 selectable ranges. See details of the PMA10 and PMA10S by selecting the "Versions" tab for the most suitable unit for your application.

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