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Kiddie 2030-DCR Carbon Monoxide Alarms
Just added to our vast range of electrical wholesaler products, is the Kiddie 2030-DCR battery operated carbon monoxide alarm. The Kiddie 2030-DCR is a lightweight and compact carbon monoxide alarm, which has both red and green LED’s to show both the power, and alarm status, as well as being certified to the very latest EN50291-1:2018 standards. These carbon monoxide detectors, feature a 10 year electro-chemical sensor, which gives a much greater lifespan, than a lot of the other carbon monoxide detectors out there in the market place. Supplied complete with batteries, as well as a 3 year warranty, and a constant monitoring of carbon monoxide, as well as a test / reset button, so that you can test the alarm function regularly; these are a very efficient and cost effective way, of protecting against the dangers of the dreadful carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is very dangerous, as it’s invisible, and can cause you to become unconscious and suffocate in only a matter of minutes, without any warning, as it will deprive important organs in the body of oxygen. That is why it is very important to have some kind of carbon monoxide alarms in place, to help protect against these dangers.

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