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Introducing Defendastrip - The Versatile Anti Climb Solution

We are excited to announce the introduction of Defendastrip anti climb spikes to our portfolio of effective anti climb solutions. Read our latest post to learn more about this exceptional visual and physical anti-climb deterrent.

Here at Insight Security we have extensive experience in providing anti-climb solutions for all manner of applications. We understand how the perimeter security needs of a gardener, who wants to keep unwanted animals out of their garden, differ enormously from the security needs of a Ministry of Defence property. The extensive range of anti climb devices we offer from our store reflect the many scenarios in which anti-climb protection is essential. From schools to psychiatric hospitals and prisons, we understand the importance of effective security and safety solutions.

flexible defendastrip
Highly Flexible - Defendastrip


What is Defendastrip?

Defendastrip is a light-weight, easily installed anti-climb access deterrent. It is supplied in strips consisting of a flexible base with rows of rigid plastic spikes with unequal heights. Its made from recyclable polypropylene with rigid spikes ranging from 25mm to 30mm in height, each with a flat top. This design feature prevents skin puncture injuries while making it impossible for anyone to grasp the protected surface and safely deterring animals from walking on it.

defendastrip colours
Defendastrip - Range of Colours


Defendastrip spike strips are available in a range of colours including black, brown, green or grey - so they will blend neatly with wherever they are used. Each strip is 510mm long by 100mm wide, weighs just 160g and and presents 72 spikes per strip.

The strips are purposely designed to be flexible and easily cut to whatever size or shape required, enabling this defensive anti climb system to be deployed to almost any contoured or flat surface.

defendastrip on gas pipes
Defendastrip Protecting Gas Pipes


Defendastrip Installation

Defendastrip has been cleverly designed to support a variety of attachment methods. If you look at the product you will notice that every 10th row of spikes is omitted. These gaps enable steel banding to be used to form a reliable, strong attachment to larger diameter pipework, as used by Gas Networks. Another important feature is that each end of a Defendastrip is designed to overlap and mate with the next strip, allowing the steel banding to firmly secure the ends in place.


defendastrip band attached to large pipe
Defendastrip Attached to Large Diameter Pipes Using Steel Banding


You can also see how Defendastrip features numerous fixing holes, both at the strip ends and in between the rows of spikes. These fixing holes allow Defendastrip to be reliably and easily attached using bolts or screws. And fixing holes in the overlapping strip ends ensure robust, reliable attached wherever anti climb protection is needed.

Flexible Defendastrip can also be easily secured in place using simple cable ties, wrapped around whatever needs anti intruder defence. The flexibility of Defendastrip makes it ideal for protecting pipework, poles and posts against unwanted climbers and attaching strips with cable ties makes installation quick, easy and very low cost. 

Where Defendastrip is Used

Defendastrip is designed to be easily installed wherever intruder deterrence is needed. Originally designed for utility company applications, where the system is used to protect pipe crossings, the product is now widely used in all manner of applications.

defendastrip on wooden fence top
Defendastrip on a Wooden Fence Top


Public sector properties, where the safety and security of the public is of paramount importance, are extensively using Defendastrip as it minimises the risk of injury and complies with HSE requirements while presenting a formidable intruder deterrent.

defendastrip bolted to top of railings
Defendastrip Bolted to Top of Railings


Transport networks are another area in which cost-effective Defendastrip has been proven to be effective. And Defendastrip is widely used in property security applications where its readily mounted onto a wide variety of even and uneven surfaces including:

  • Walls
  • Rooftops
  • Fences
  • Pipework
  • Poles
  • Awkward areas
  • Contoured surfaces
defendastrip following rooftop contour
Flexible Defendastrip Following Rooftop Contour


The flexibility of Defendastrip is a key feature that makes these strips ideal for preventing people from climbing up posts and poles, grasping hold of pipework or gripping the eaves of a rooftop. The flexibility enables Defendastip to be reliably attached to highly contoured surfaces including circular poles and pipes.

defendastrip cable tie attached to downpipe
Flexible Defendastrip Attached to Downpipe with Cable-Ties 


The strips have pre-formed holes between each row of spikes that allow the strips to be bolted or screwed in place. Attaching Defendastrip to poles or pipework is easily achieved using either steel banding or standard cable ties.

Wherever you need to discourage and prevent unwanted climbers or intruders from scaling fences, climbing pipework or clambering onto rooftops Defendastrip is the answer. Its easy to install, low cost, highly effective and presents minimal risk of injury.

If you have any questions about home and property security, or if you have any special requirements, remember that we are here to help. Give us a call on 01273 092034 and we’ll provide you with free, expert advice.

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