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Introducing the MDP1 Walkthrough Metal Detector Knife Arch

We’ve recently expanded our range of high-quality security metal detectors with the introduction of the MDP1 portable knife arch. In our latest post we look the features of this state-of-the-art walkthrough metal detector.

Walkthrough metal detectors are now a feature of our lives. Not only are they routinely used at airports and transport hubs, they are also key element in the security precautions at prisons, MOD establishments amd police stations. Many entertainment and events premises are also using metal detecting knife arches to help ensure safety and security. But there are many events and locations where a permanent metal detecting knife arch installation would be unnecessary and inappropriate.

Existing knife arches have a number of limitations which tend to make them less-than-ideal for temporary or short term applications. Their primary drawbacks are size, portability and cost. The new MDP1 portable walkthrough knife arch is specifically designed to overcome these limitations and still provide accurate and reliable security metal detection protection.

A Truly Portable Knife Arch

The new MDP1 portable knife arch is precisely what’s needed at venues where security metal detection is only required at certain times or for specific events. Its also ideal for locations where metal detection capability needs to be moved around. Police forces are using this portable knife arch, deployed at popular nightspots, resulting in a significant decrease in serious violent incidents involving knives.

Importantly, when dismantled and stacked the MDP1 is very compact and weighs only 42kg making it easy to both transport and store. When dismantled the 8 knife arch panels and components neatly fit together in a strapped-together bundle with overall dimensions of just 89cm x 61cm x 49cm which will comfortably fit into an average hatchback car. Castors and handles make the disassembled knife arch super-easy to transport and Insight Security is currently offering this device with a free rain cover that protects the dismantled arch from the wet UK weather when in transit.

mdp1 knife arch erected
MDP1 Knife Arch - Erected


Easily Assembled and Dismantled

The new MDP1 uses a clever modular design that enables the device to be both disassembled and reassembled very quickly, without any complexity. The manufacturers estimate a trained and experienced user can rebuild and deploy this metal detector knife arch in around 5 to 7 minutes, but with the assistance of an extra pair of hands the unit can be reconstructed in just a few minutes.

mdp1 folded
MDP1 Knife Arch - Dismantled and Stacked for Storage or Transport


Powered by Mains or Battery

The MDP1 walkthrough metal detecting knife arch can use either mains or battery power and includes a built-in rechargeable 12000 mAh Lithium Ion Polymer Battery. When fully charged this powerful battery provides 9 hours of reliable metal-detecting operation making the MDP1 ideal for outdoor applications and popup events where mains power simply isn’t available.

State of the Art Security Metal Detection

The new MDP1 is highly sensitive with easily adjusted sensitivity levels from 0 to 255. The device offers 24 distinct detection zones that provide operators with a very clear indication of exactly where metal objects are located on a target subject. Importantly, the sensitivity of each of these 24 overlapping detection zones can be individually configured. The arch is supplied with a handy range of popular preconfigured detection profiles which can be manually adjusted if required. The 24 distinct detection zones are distributed with 8 down either side of the body and 8 down the middle, extending from the top of a subject’s head right down to the bottom of their shoes. If a metallic object is detected the operator is alerted to its location by red LEDs in each of the side legs. The combination of LED indicators on each side enable the operator to determine exactly where metal objects are located.

mdp1 knife arch control panel
MDP1 Knife Arch - LCD Control Panel and Display


Password protection is used to prevent unauthorised tampering and ensure settings are secured. A 7 inch LCD display, mounted on the right hand panel, offers a very user-friendly, intuitive icon-based interface where profiles can be selected and sensitivity levels adjusted if necessary. In most applications there is no need to make any adjustments to the preconfigured profiles.

The MDP1 also includes a built-in tally counter that will count how many people have passed through the arch and the number of alarm activations.

Water Canopy and IP54 Rating

The MDP1 has an IP54 (ingress protection) rating but this can be boosted by using the included water canopy. The protective canopy simply fits over the erected knife arch to provide rain protection. As noted, Insight Security is also offering the MDP1 with a free rain protection cover to protect the disassembled knife arch from rainwater during transit.

Installation and Calibration

While setting up and using the MDP1 knife arch is very simple there are a few important points that need to be considered to ensure the best, reliable operation.

Firstly, its vitally important to think about the knife arch location to minimise the effects of interference from nearby fixed metal objects. These should be at least 4 inches or 10cm away from the knife arch.

Another important consideration is moving metal objects, such as door handles. Anything like this should be at least 0.5 to 2m (20 to 79 inches) away from the arch, depending on the size of the moving metal object.

Another potential source of interference is radiated electromagnetic energy from other electrical devices. Ideally, the knife arch should be located 0.5 to 4m (20 to 57 inches) away from any source of electrical interference such as computers, radios, electronic displays, lighting etc.

Importantly, the MDP1 should be erected on a firm, stable, flat surface that allows people to comfortably walk through the arch and deposit any metal objects they might be carrying in a secure receptacle while they walk through the metal detector arch.

The simple calibration procedure involves selection of the operating frequency, setting the response speed, selecting the detection program, adjusting the detection sensitivity and performing some detection tests. As noted, most applications simply require the selection of the most appropriate pre-configured profile and then carrying out a few tests.

The MDP1 offers a range of operating frequencies that can be optimally selected via the simple user interface to filter out commonly occurring sources of interference in various locations.

The device response speed setting (high speed or low speed) impacts the device sensitivity. If the arch is dealing with people moving at a fast pace the high speed setting is most appropriate. When dealing with people moving at a slower pace lower speed setting is appropriate. In most circumstances there is no need to adjust these settings.

Selection of the detection programs involves identifying what’s likely to be the most challenging items that must always be detected. These are likely to be the smallest metal objects that might be concealed on a subject’s body and where they might be concealed. It should be ensured that the detection program settings and sensitivity means hidden items are always reliably detected.

Settings should be tested and verified by walking through the arch carrying a representative test item concealed in various locations such as inside shoes, tucked into socks, hidden in underwear, under a hat etc. Industry Standard Knife and Gun representative test pieces are available from Insight Security.

Where the MDP1 Portable Knife Arch is Used

Typical locations in which the MDP1 portable metal detecting knife are is proving beneficial include:

  • Airports
  • Transport hubs (such as ferry terminals)
  • Schools and colleges
  • Hospitals, clinics and healthcare establishments
  • Courts
  • Prisons
  • Police Stations
  • Sports arenas
  • Entertainment venues
  • Nightclubs and pubs
  • Warehouses and shopping centres
  • Power plants
  • Factories

The unique, modular portable design makes the MDP1 ideal for any event or situation in which metal detection security is beneficial. These might include various pop-up events such as food festivals, outdoor music events and festivals, fairs or contests as well as use as a rapid deployment detector at Schools & Railway Stations.

MDP1 Warranty and Price

The new MDP1 knife arch comes with a full 12 month manufacturers warranty. And importantly, this metal detecting knife arch is far more affordable than other models currently on the market.

For more information on Introducing the MDP1 Walkthrough Metal Detector Knife Arch talk to Insight Security

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