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Padlock and Chain Sets are What You Need - Here’s Why

When investing in security you need products you can trust. Padlock and chain sets provide a reliable, effective security solution. Read on to learn more.

People sometimes ask: is it better to buy a padlock and chain set or separate padlocks and security chains? While there are many circumstances in which separate high quality padlocks and security chains are essential here are some of the key reasons why matched padlock and chain sets are often the best option.

Padlock and Chain Compatibility

The primary reason padlock and chain sets are the best choice for securing motorbikes, ATVs, caravans, boats and other valuables is they are designed and guaranteed to work together. We often hear from people who’ve invested in separate padlocks and security chains only to find they simply don`t match. They don’t discover their padlock shackle doesn’t physically work with their security chain until they try them together.

Investing in a matched padlock and chain set avoids this pitfall. You can be certain the padlock shackle will fit through the security chain link so you don’t need to worry about dimensions and measurements. All you need do is select the optimum padlock and chain set for your needs.

Padlock and Chain Security Ratings

Another common issue people run into when purchasing separate padlocks and chains is mismatched security levels. It`s worth remembering that any security system is only ever as strong as it`s weakest link.

While a super-tough high security chain can provide a high level of protection, if the chain is then secured using a weaker padlock, with a lower security rating, this presents a security risk. Experienced motorcycle thieves know what to look for when assessing motorbike security and if they see a beefy chain secured with a weak padlock they know they’ve identified a viable target that can be easy to steal.

Matched padlock and chain sets not only work together because they have compatible dimensions, they also offer the same levels of security. As noted, its pointless to use a super-tough high-security chain with a weaker padlock. Conversely, there’s no point in investing in a high security padlock and then use a weaker security chain.

Padlock and chain sets guarantee the same high level of security from both the chain and padlock. Here’s a top-of-the-range example: the Behemoth Squire SS100CS closed shackle padlock and 1.5m Squire TC22 motorcycle chain.

behemoth padlock chain set
Behemoth Padlock and Chain Set


This no-nonsense padlock and chain set bundle is truly formidable. The combined weight of these two mighty components is a hefty 21.62kg so this is clearly not intended to be carried around. This padlock and chain bundle has achieved the highest possible Sold Secure Diamond for Motorcycles rating and is covered by a 10 year manufacturers warranty.

The closed shackle SS100CS padlock alone weighs almost 4.5kg and has achieved the highest possible CEN6 security rating. The 20mm boron steel alloy padlock shackle cannot be broken with bolt-croppers and the padlock has been brutally subjected to over 120 rounds of ammunition including 40 that were armour piercing. A final 20 rounds of 50 calibre ammunition were needed to finally beat it. This form of attack is way beyond what most criminals would consider.

The 1.5m Squire TC22 motorbike chain weighs about 11.5kg per metre, totalling about 17.3kg in combination with the weighty SS100CS padlock. When subjected to exhaustive testing by Bennetts Bike Social it was found to be totally uncroppable, even with massive 42 inch bolt croppers. And when attacked using a mains-powered angle grinder it was impossible to overcome this incredible security chain.

The chain link size of 22mm mates perfectly with the 20mm hardened padlock shackle and the security ratings for each of these components demonstrate why matched padlock and chain sets are always the best option.

Padlock and Chain Sets Provide What’s Needed

Padlock and chain set combinations save the headache of figuring out which chains and padlocks are best for a particular application. The previously highlighted Squire SS100CS closed shackle padlock and 1.5m Squire TC22 motorcycle chain is clearly too heavy to be carried around. That set is best suited to a static application, perhaps at home or in a workplace. But the Squire Juggernaut combination is specifically designed to meet the portability needs of motorcyclists.



juggernaut padlock chain set
Juggernaut Padlock and Chain Set


The Squire Juggernaut features the Squire Stronghold SS65CS padlock along with the TC14mm 1.2 metre high security chain.

The Squire SS65CS stronghold padlock weighs in at 1.1kg and has achieved the highest possible CEN6 security rating along with Sold Secure Motorcycle Gold approval. The 14mm hardened alloy steel chain has also achieved Sold Secure Motorcycle Gold approval and weighs in at 4.8kg. Squire classify this padlock and chain set as suitable for at-home bicycle security or both at-home and on-the-go motorcycle security.

The total weight of this padlock and chain set is just under 6kg making this a viable carry-along security solution for many motorcyclists. The set comes with a 10 year manufacturer guarantee, reflecting confidence in this security solution.

Another highly versatile padlock and chain set that demonstrates how there’s a package for all needs is our Sold Secure Gold Bicycle Carry Chain Set.

bicycle gold padlock chain set
Bicycle Gold Padlock and Chain Set


This set includes the outstanding Squire SS50CS closed shackle padlock along with a choice of three 10mm security chain length options at 1 metre, 1.5 metres and 2 metres.

The Squire SS50CS padlock, from their premium range of super tough padlocks, is CEN4 rated and has achieved Sold Secure Bicycle Gold approval. The padlock alone weighs 0.53kg and the 1 metre chain weighs 2.1kg, the 1.5 metre chain weighs 3.15kg and the longest 2 metre chain weighs 4.2kg.

Sleeved Security Chains

All of the security chains offered in our padlock and chain sets are wrapped in protective sleeves. These make the chains easier to carry and handle while protecting the paintwork of whatever they are used to secure.

Robust Ground and Wall Anchors

As noted, any security system is only ever as strong as its weakest link which is one of the key reasons why matched padlock and security chain sets are a good option. But another important aspect that shouldn’t be overlooked is the anchorage for the security chain.

Wrapping a security chain around the frame of a motorbike and through the wheels doesn’t prevent the bike from being lifted into the back of a thieves van. Ideally the security chain should be attached or wrapped around a secure anchor point.

When out and about its often possible to use lamp posts or other robust structures for anchorage. But at home and in the workplace the installation of immovable ground and wall anchors is recommended.

See Our Padlock and Chain Sets

Click here to see our full selection of our accredited padlock and chain sets.

And importantly, beware of low quality padlock and chain sets that don’t have approvals and accreditation as these will compromise your security.

If you have any questions about padlock and chain sets, or if you have any special requirements, remember we are here to help. Give us a call on 01273 092034 and we’ll provide you with free, expert advice.

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