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Titan 25mm High Security Chain - Sold Secure Motorcycle Diamond

This 25mm ultimate security chain has achieved Sold Secure Motor Cycle Diamond rating and is suitable for the most demanding security applications.


With 25mm links manufactured from high quality European Boron Steel, this ultimate security pragmasis chain is a beast of a chain offering an extreme challenge for even the most determined professional thief.


Rigorously tested, the chain has achieved the coveted “Sold Secure Motorcycle (Powered Cycle) Diamond” rating, making it the ultimate choice for anyone with a serious security need.


Be warned however, this is a seriously chunky chain weighing in at some 11kg per metre, so it’s heavy to handle and given its size, only a limited number of Padlocks and Ground Anchor are suitable to use with it.


Please do not order this unless you are confident that you really need such an extreme chain, and that you are going to be able to handle it and fit it through whatever item(s) you need to secure.


For more information on Titan 25mm High Security Chain - Sold Secure Motorcycle Diamond talk to Insight Security

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