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Ground Source Heat Pump Support from Jtech Services

As Ground Source Heat Pumps become used more often for large scale heating projects, so the need for new ancillary support systems is also required.

Jtech Services were involved in one such application at a couple of projects in West London recently.


A heavy duty support structure was required not only to hold the new water tank in place over the heat pump, but to allow greater access for the pipework installation.
In times past a timber structure might have been put together locally and made do with.


However, the installer on these projects wanted to offer something that would not only look good
for years to come but would also allow for the flow and return pipework to be easily installed to the new heating infrastructure.

Working alongside Jtech Services, a suitable heavy duty support system was designed and tested to withstand the loadings.

Once approved, Jtech Services utilised their extensive fabrication experience to phase the manufacture and supply to suit the site scheduling requirements.


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