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LAMILUX launch brand new CPD for 2024


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Take advantage of LAMILUXs knowledge and experience as a “free” partner in your design team


Our CPD seminars provide a clear overview of considerations when specifying rooflights for your projects covering insights including safety measures, codes of practice, benefits of introducing natural daylight and much more. Whether you prefer an in-person CPD at your offices, or an online live CPD seminar via Zoom, Microsoft Teams or another video conferencing provider we will deliver our live seminar on a platform that suits your practice.

Not only will you be maintaining and developing your skills with this CPD seminar, you will also take advantage of LAMILUXs knowledge and 
experience as a “free” partner in your design & development team.




Learning objectives:

  • Understand the benefits of designing buildings for natural daylight
  • Understand relevant standards and regulations when specifying rooflights
  • Understand how to and the importance of specifying non-fragile rooflighting solutions
  • What is an EPD and what are the benefits of specifying a product with EPD verification
  • Gain an understanding on thermal efficiency rooflight designs and the benefits of a thermally broken product
  • Identify the importance of watertightness testing and the risks and problems of not choosing a certified rooflight
  • Appreciate various interfaces and upstand options including insulated kerb base options and renovation projects using existing builders kerb
  • Recognise various ventilation options and incorporating access within a rooflight 


The LAMILUX brand new CPD "Specifying rooflights and glass roofs for passivhaus buildings' is currently under construction and will be ready to book soon.

Presented by our team of in-house Certified Passivhaus Tradespersons, this CPD will cover insights including understanding what thermal bypass is and how to reduce the factors that contribute towards it, how to achieve fresh air and ventilation into a passivhaus building design, how to incorporate daylight whilst keeping warm in the winter and cool in the summer and more.

Whilst the full CPD is under development, the LAMILUX team are able to present a project specific presentation showcasing the LAMILUX passivhaus certified range of rooflights.

Call the team on 01284 749051 to book now

This is what architects say about the LAMILUX CPD

Don't just take our word for it


"It’s always encouraging when we hear about a product that is clearly well designed and appears to cover all the technical bases that others don’t.
It’s also good when the systems and their applications are described clearly and well with enthusiasm – which you did – so well done."

“Thank you again for a really insightful CPD yesterday, my colleagues have since commented on how useful your presentation was."


"Thank you for the informative presentation which we found very useful"

"Many thanks for your time today and the informative skylight CPD. I shall be in touch when our project progresses"

"Thanks for popping by last week – the team said that they found the CPD super helpful"


"I really enjoyed your presentation. I usually do residential projects and I always try to educate the clients that they need more natural lights, meaning more skylights in the flat roofs, but I am not always successful. The first part of your presentation detailing the benefits of natural light and ventilation will help me convince my clients. Thank you"

Madalin Soare
Michael Conoley Associate

For more information on LAMILUX launch brand new CPD for 2024 talk to LAMILUX U.K. Ltd

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